14 February 2005

Change of Heart

I was going to go into the office today. They are having a Valentine's Day potluck/Occupational Health and Safety Committee kick-off at lunch today. I had even considered making something, but I'm tired of cooking. I also decided that foisting myself on them, when I'm already leaving phone messages and e-mails about work, is going a step too far. Plus, I'm in no rush to bathe today, so not grossing people out with my lack of hygiene is a good idea.

Zee dinner party was a success. I cooked much good food and all were satisfied. No one died (yet)! Honourable mention goes to deadwriter, who not only listened to me spaz for the better part of three hours, but also took over the risotto when I exploded and decided that I had too much on the go.

Lesson learned: Dinner parties should include at least 2 oven-based dishes, so one does not spend most of one's day standing at the stove thinking about how nice it would be for one's head to explode.

Next attempt: Possibly mid/late-March, at the request of Lani. Plus, I'd like to include Nikah and Mark as guests.

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Jenni said...

You could invite me too....I could even scrounge up a date or two.