16 January 2005

So it begins...

Now that I'm officially unemployed (Beth has yet to offer me a new contract, and teaching is kaput), I've decided to start my ambitious odyssey through my list, Movies to See. The list has 257 movies, and is ever-expanding. It includes such venerable films as The Jazz Singer, and such pulp as Master of Disguise. I've included films from the AFI's 100 Years Series. The original list, "AFI's 100 YEARS...100 MOVIES" is already on it. The other lists will be added as I manage to slough through what I have. Maybe when I get down to 150 or 125, I'll make additions. As it stands now, I need to watch at least 2 a week just to keep up. I'm constantly adding as new movies are released. I know it's crazy. I'm hoping that I'll get through some of this in the next 60-70 years I hope I have left.

Today's film is an A&E made-for-TV Edudrama, inspired by a true story. So educational; so dramatic; so inspiring. It's Shackleton, the story of the first man (and his crew) to cross Antartica. Chosen because of some bizarre affinity I have for Kenneth Branagh. And because it's a well-produced historical drama. Generally, the Hollywood, big-screen productions are all flash and dazzle. The A&E/BBC co-productions, while dry, are particular favourites. Longitude is another on my list.

Frankly, I'd rather be working than watching hour after hour of anything, educational or frivolous. But, meanwhile, this will make a generally amusing pass-time.

So, loyal and esteemed audience, I'd like to know one of each: Your favourite movie, and one you'd really like to see, and why.


Me said...

My favorite movie is Magnolia. Maybe because it rain frogs...but mostly because I think it's a beautiful film. It's one of my favorites, and I keep hinting to Jamie about how I would love to have that one for a present...but no present has arrived. ;)

deadwriter said...

I think my favourite movie is The Sweet Hereafter, that's what I tell everybody at least. There are different types of movies though, and trying to compare them all is difficult.

I want to see The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover. Peter Greenway is hit and miss for me. The Pillow Book was amazing, sensual and brilliant, but 9 1/2 women was tedious, and A Zed and Two Naughts was boring. We'll see how this one turns out.