02 December 2004

Partial Retraction

After much consideration and some gentle nagging, I've decided to amend what I posted yesterday.

In retrospect, Elton John wasn't really the target of my anger, but rather the incompetent reporter who couldn't be bothered to write a real story, and as such, is the actual sexist asshole. His story was mostly conjecture. Only twice did he actually quote EJ, and neither quote was especially inflamatory unless read in the context of story. The reporter probably made a lot of shit up to sell a story.

However, Sir Elton is still partially to blame for discussing his friends' private lives with reporters. For shame.


deadwriter said...


Me said...

I was thinking of asking a controversial question about Elton and his own "orientation" but I've decided not to. Not that "orientation" matters, I'm just wondering if he would say the same thing if it were a gay/lesbian couple...or if this is different because it's a heterosexual thing.

I guess I DID put down my question. :)

...I don't mean anything rude by this comment, I was just thinking.........let me know what you think...and PLEASE don't tell Glynis I said this. ;)