10 December 2004

No redudancy here

So, I was going to continue my tirade from Robyn's blog, but decided against it as you can read the whole sequence fo events for yourself, including comments.

Here's what I think the problem is: Everyone is so wrapped up in their own beliefs that that can't bother to look at the underlying issue dear tricky is trying to explain: Feminism used to be a movement for equality, but it is now associated with marginalized extremists.

Sound familiar? What's your perception of Muslims and Islam? Is it of a hate-based group of people who want nothing more than to destory "freedom" in the West? Or is it of a reasonable religion with specific tennants again murder, and the commercialzation of society?

I guess that depends on whether you take your definition from the media, or go and take a look at the ideology for yourself.

Please don't send mail bombs, I'm just making the point that while words and definitions change, it's not always for the better, and sometimes we're right to lament how things get twisted when ignorance is allowed free rein and a large bank account.

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