01 December 2004

The following is rife with sarcasm:

Today I'm having an angry feminist day.

I read in the paper that Elton John blames Victoria Beckham for her husband's affair.

Excuse me?!?!

I'm not concerned about this on a celebrity level. I didn't know that the Beckham's were having marital issues. I don't care that that they are/were.

What pisses me off is Sir Elton's decidely sexist view of marriage. According to the report, Victoria didn't move to Spain with David when he was traded to Real Madrid; she stayed in England to work on her (disappointing) signing career. And it's because of this absense that David felt he needed "companionship", and had an affair with his personal assistant (I wasn't aware of that part of the job description -- where's mine?). So, because Vistoria didn't support her husband by moving to Madrid for 6 months of the year, it's her fault that he couldn't contain himself.

Um... hello? As my fabulous former English teacher said, "Hasn't he heard of self-service?"

Besides ingnoring the fact that it was Mr. Beckham who had the affair, it also absolves him of any responsibility for his actions. Apparently, it's the wife's job to sit by her husband 24/7 and make sure that he's faithful.

Thanks very much Mr. John. Thanks for clarifying marital responsibility for me. Now that I have a clear view of my potential responsibility, I can take that into consideration before I make any decisions.

Oh, yeah; and fuck you.

I'm so annoyed. That some man would have the gall to lay the blame for an affair on the absent wife. That's disgusting.

So rest easy, men! Go on business trips and sleep with co-workers or complete strangers to your heart's content. Elton John says it's okay. And it's your wives' fault.

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