13 September 2004

Chapter Three: Salzburg

Back to a beautiful city!!

Panoramic Salzburg Posted by Hello

I loved every minute of Salzburg. With the exception of any time we spent in the hotel -- pile o' crap.

We drove from Vienna, through the Alps, to Salzburg. The drive was beautiful. The view of the mountains was generally obstructed by trees or 10-foot walls. Funny; they don't seem to want you staring at the view when you're barrelling down the Autobahn at 140 km/h.

We drove into Salzburg and promptly got lost. In the process of being lost, Dad manage to leave a chunk of paint on a guardrail. Consider it our gift to the people of that fine city.

We were only in Salzburg for two nights and I had to see EVERYTHING. I made a "must-do" list of important sights and started as soon as we unloaded at the hotel.

We started with a river-side picnic. The weather was warm and beautiful. The sandwiches were self-made. The Pepsi tasted like home. Michael was bitten by something, and Mom walked through poison ivy. Good times!

Then the blitz began. The Fortress, MozartPlatz, the Dom, river tour (one of the best of the trip), Amber museum, Mirabel Gardens, etc. Bang, bang, bang! Done! Awesome views, awesome sights, awesome EVERYTHING -- even awesome sushi!

That night, Greece won the EuroCup. I was happy for them, sad for CR. It was a good game.

Day 2: Hellbrun, where the original Captain Von Trapp lived with his brood (not where the movie was filmed). I saw the "I am 16 going on 17" Gazebo -- you're not allowed in it anymore, since some octogenarian broke her hip prancing on the benches. We toured the trick fountains enstalled by the archbishop who origianlly owned the estate and got really wet. Michael and I took glass blowing lessons and made plant-waterers for Mom & Dad, and I did a tour of St. Peter's Cathedral, where Mozart first played his Requiem.

After some shopping, we took a drive out around the beautifdul countryside. Everyone was cranky, though, so we didn't get many pictures.

To finish the day, Michael treated us to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant that we found by accident when we got lost (as usual).

We hit the hay early.

We wanted to make the most out of Munich.

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