07 August 2004

Chapter One: Prague

What a beautiful city! I've never seen anything like it! Prague is full of history and architecture. There was nothing about Prague I didn't like -- with perhaps the one exception of the language barrier. As one guidebook put it: Forget everything you know about speaking English if you want to learn to speak Czech.

We were the for 4 nights. Our flights were all late on the way from Halifax, so we missed a grand opportunity to acquaint ourselves with the city before we started out sightseeing.

We started our trip in full force (and barely let up the entire time). First we wandered a main shopping street in the old part of the city and found a tour guide depot.we booked a tour for the afternoon so we could learn more about the city. It wasn't a great tour, though. Our guide was DULL. A 1980s talking computer program has more inflection than this guy had. It was like, he had the tour memorized, and nothing was gonig to distract him from that (a major contrast with some later experiences). We saw Prague Castle and St. Vitus' Cathedral (pictured below), learned a lot about the city's 1000+ years of history, and got oriented a little better.

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