07 August 2004

Ch. 1: Praha continued

See Chaper One below.

Our first foray into authentic Czech food wasn't too scary. The Bohemians were one of the originating cultures of barbequed skewers of meat! Who knew?! It was a ton of food, but sooooo good!

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On my insistence, we did a boat tour or the River Vltava (or as the English pig-dogs call it, Moltava). It was a beautiful night, and we saw so many sights. Our tour guide that night kicked ass. She was smart (spoke 6 languages!!), and could fill in all the touristy tidbits with details about the Velvet Revolution, the oldest continuous Jewish community in the world, Communism, Nazism, etc. She was fantastic.

On our last night, we ate at a beautiful French restaurant (chandeliers, an army of attentive waiters, and -- for ambiance -- a little boy peeing in the street...). We went to the Municipal house to see a performance of Mozart's Requiem. Pretty awe-inspiring for one with little to no knowledge of classical music.

It's hard to talk about Prague. Much like the entire trip, there was so much to do, and so few words to explain it. We were constantly on the go, constantly in sensory overload. The pictures are amazing, and there are so many stories. But memory isn't linear.

I'm going to work on getting all my pics posted by midweek, either on MSN, or a larger server. The website will be posted here. Eventually.

I hope this tides all three of you over.


Anonymous said...

yay! :)
yes, it gets rather borring when no one updates their blogs. that is a nice pic of prague


auroranine said...

www.photobucket.com :)
free uploading for your photos!

also: *jealous*

Me said...

I made a new blog for you. Now you do the same for me! :)