03 August 2004

Calm Yourselves

Not that anyone other than Brandon has been complaining....

I'm a terrible blogger. Deal with it. I now work long hours. In fact, I'm working 2 jobs during the same hours. It's great. As a result, I can't be arsed to sit down and regale ye with tales of EuroTrip 2004.

As a solace, I offer up Matthew Good's highly informative and entertaining blog.

I'll get to my own someday....


Branflakes said...

HWAAAAAANGHHH!!!! Post your stories from EuroTrip 2004.

It's in italics. So now you have to.

Also, complain complain complain.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Branflakes.

you must blog.. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! :)
where you working at now?


Jenni said...

Since you are never online anymore (or at least when I am) if you are planning on coming to Mahone Bay this weekend I am having a gathering Friday night. You should come.