19 June 2004

Okay, here's the deal....

I'm tired of stupidity. I've never enjoyed it, but lately, I've been downright loathsome of it.

I'm guilty of it too. I've been absolutely horrible to myself as of late. I think it stems from a recent, rather rapid and untimely (is there ever a convenient?) weight gain. Not a ton. But enough so that most of last year's summer clothes don't fit, and my regularly baggy pants are baggy no longer. I had to dispose of my favourite pair of nice pants because every time I put them on, my mother would ask, "Are they ripped?" because of the way the zipper was stretched across my pelvis. Of course, I'm unemployed, so I can't go out and get new clothes at whim, because there will be no paycheck to pay off the credit card bill. Vicious cycle ensues.

But, as was pointed out to me by a family friend, I'm not fat. I don't look fat to the general public. I may have the odd little fat roll, but I don't have love handles, or saddlebags, or spare tires, and it's nothing that a diet and exercise adjustment won't fix.

I heard a woman on the radio yesterday talking about body image. She's a belly-dance instructor. She said that we are the shape we are. And that's about the extent of it. Going on a diet is not going to make my thighs disappear. I'd better get used to them.

This isn't an epiphany, just a some self-affirmation.

I've also been angry about my lack of regular employment, and my inability to secure any. I hate the hiring process. I have to wait until thousands of other teachers decide what they're doing for the year before I can even compete for the slim pickings that remain. I don't know if I should leave the province for work, or if I should tough it out. Should I look for something in an unrelated field? I have two degrees. Someone must consider me qualified by now.

I'm going to try harder to just be content. There's a lot to be said for a simple change in mindset.

On to others' stupidity.

I'm mad at people who make choices they can't handle. Specifically, one person. It's frustration, really. If you haven't properly thought out consequences, then you have no business making decisions. It's like the abstinence argument: If you can't handle having a baby, then you can't handle having sex; one is a possible side effect of the other.

I might explain that one in less-cryptic terms later.

Other stupidity is sporadic and not as affective. I can generally avoid, or dispell the rest.

In other news....

- Nancy has returned from Immersion!
- Foo is reachable by phone!
- Nayana's boyfriend has arrived!
- Mo is back in the country!
- Nina is back in the province!
- Happy birthday Nikah (and possibly congrats on wedding?)!

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. Albert Einstein


Branflakes said...

Your family friend sounds like a smart person. :-)

Also, don't forget that spare tires and saddlebags can come is useful, say if you're driving a motorcycle, or have a flat in your Echo, or if you have to lie on the ground in PEI for several hours in the dark of night, taking care of a friend who shot too much tequila, and who won't crawl into the tent, even though you've already moved the tent, intact, so that it's only two feet away.

Whoa. Sounds like I needed to get that off my chest. :-|

It's nice to have a place where I can write something without the parentals knowing it's here.

On employment, have you been looking in other school boards as well? South Shore wants a few good teachers. I'll even kill a few bad ones so there are openings. I can think of some pretty trivially. :-|

Finally, I do generally agree with your characterizations of other's stupidity, though I generally characterize these people under the umbrella category of "ignorant fucktards". You're welcome to use that if you like. :-P

Jenni said...

He he he...fucktard. That's a good one B!

And Christine...remember you are georgous. You can give birth if you so choose to do so. We are natural and beautiful and somebody out there is going to love us (and some already do) just the way we are.

Me said...

I have love handles. Does this mean I look fat to the general public???!!

Branflakes said...

Christine: What Jenni said.
Lani: I'm sorry to say, but yes. Just remember you're not alone. :-)