27 May 2004

California Dreamin'

One year ago I boarded a plane returning from Los Angeles.

I've been plagued with LA memories for the past two weeks; Wango Tango, Universal Studios, DisneyLand/Disney's California Adventure, The Shelter, the kids, the SUN.

I've been desperate to go back ever since I left, and now Mo is heading back north, and I'll never have a free place to stay again. Sigh. Vacations there will be much more expensive. Don't let me fool you, I spent enough as it was, I just can't afford the extra $150/night for a hotel room + transportation.

I love travelling so much. I wish I could do it whenever. Scheduling vacations and not having unlimited funds puts a damper on things.

I will not lament too much, though. The family vacation is forthcoming, and while that may not sound overly exciting, stay tuned for location revelation. You'll understand.

I had a facial today. It was heaven. Sweet, sweet heaven. I fell asleep during it, I was so relaxed. My face is in bad shape, apparently, so I have to start working on that. I booked two more and bought product. Maybe I'm a sucker, but I'll be a sucker with good skin. :P

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