27 May 2004

California Dreamin'

One year ago I boarded a plane returning from Los Angeles.

I've been plagued with LA memories for the past two weeks; Wango Tango, Universal Studios, DisneyLand/Disney's California Adventure, The Shelter, the kids, the SUN.

I've been desperate to go back ever since I left, and now Mo is heading back north, and I'll never have a free place to stay again. Sigh. Vacations there will be much more expensive. Don't let me fool you, I spent enough as it was, I just can't afford the extra $150/night for a hotel room + transportation.

I love travelling so much. I wish I could do it whenever. Scheduling vacations and not having unlimited funds puts a damper on things.

I will not lament too much, though. The family vacation is forthcoming, and while that may not sound overly exciting, stay tuned for location revelation. You'll understand.

I had a facial today. It was heaven. Sweet, sweet heaven. I fell asleep during it, I was so relaxed. My face is in bad shape, apparently, so I have to start working on that. I booked two more and bought product. Maybe I'm a sucker, but I'll be a sucker with good skin. :P

25 May 2004

Change is good

I tweaked my blog slightly. I was having some problems and I wanted to... simplify. Like it or lump it. Just be sure to comment!

News: Have been teaching. For real! Well, substituting. I've worked 6 days so far, and have 2 more booked. I really love the anxiety of going to bed every night wondering if I'll get that 5:30 a.m. call to go to some unheard of school to babysit 30 kids from anywhere in the 5-18 range. Yes, that's right, welcome to my life as a glorified babysitter.

In other news: the Vic-Day weekend camping trip was a bust. Fun while I was there, but the opportunities did not all present themselves as I would have liked. I got sick, there were unhappy incidents, I left early. Not the love-in I expected. But it never is when I have expectations. As Nancy says (sort of), "Expectations are for chumps". But someday I will be a born-again hoochie. I have a goal. To paraphrase the great Wayne Campbell, "It will be mine. Oh, yes; it will be mine."

What else? Nothing off the top of my head. I'm in "lay low" mode. I don't foresee any great opportunities, so I'm just going to roll with it for a while. I'm trying to work some Paris time into my Europe trip. That would be fabulous. Daphne thrives, and I would love to see her. It's not a done deal yet, but the possibility of it only being 6 weeks away is enough to make me squeal.

Scratch what I said earlier. There are tons of things going on. I just can't pin my brain down long enough to turn any into blog-worthy stories.

I'll try harder next time.

Until then, your comments are welcome.

12 May 2004

Okay, a new post.

Here we go:

#1) Finished practicum. It was awesome. We went to DramaFest. Took a Directing workshop. Learned quite a bit. Kids did their shows, and they were awesome. I was so proud. Finished May 1, and got the hell outta Dodge.

#2) Crappy birthday party. Went to a nice restaurant and invited many people. Asked for RSVPs. Most did. Many couldn't even be bothered to decline. Only half the RSVPs showed up, although I must make allowances for Nikah, who did show up, but at the wrong place, on the wrong day. My bad. The others who did come were great. We did have a good time, but I don't think there was a single one of us who wasn't mostly exhausted and ready for bed by the time we left the restaurant. Thanks to those who did come.

#3) Spent most of the week running around and doing errands. Had big fight with Mom, as major stresses over lack of job and income finally broke the camel's back. Explosion!! Followed by a relatively rapid extinguishing. They're loud and I cry, but they never last long.

#4) Spent an evening with Andy, watching hockey (Leafs lost - boo!) and a great British series called "The Office". Hilarious. But as Andy says, only if you watch it like a documentary, not as a sitcom.

#5) My dermatologist told me that she has no problem with me refusing to put antibiotics on my face every day. How generous of her. I've moved onto a new BCP to see if that helps, and a cream that rips the dead skin off my face. How pleasant. The burning doesn't hurt. Much.

#6) Confirmed a couple of sub days. Whoo hoo for potential income.

#7) BBQ at Andy's house. Ultimate Frisbee, a hike to the lake, and a "lightning round" of Violence at Home. Fun game. Could explain, but won't here. Too many words.

#8) Convocation weekend. Michael surprised me by showing up Saturday night. Dad flew him home for Mothers' Day/my grad. I think that's the first time I've hugged him in, like, 12 years. We drove down to MB and went to the LYC for Mothers' Day brunch. Drove cross-country to w/v. Stayed with friends. Went to Grad Banquet, which was mostly crappy. Highlight of day, popping up to see Robyn & Kurt, if only for 30 minutes. Happy to see them. Don't do it enough. And with stupid gas prices, it's getting prohibitive to drive anywhere. Reminds me of that Chris Rock joke about how no one would shoot anyone if bullets cost $5000. It would really have to be worth it. Not that the visits aren't, they'll just take longer because the expense is greater. Quoi d'autre? Oh, yes. Convocation itself. Went to lovely restaurant with family beforehand. Yum. Went to pre-grad reception at School of Ed. Saw some people, took some pictures. The ceremony itself was painless. Seems someone has it down to a science, for minimal boredom opportunities. Even the reading of the names wasn't so bad. Especially with the Chancellor screwing up every few minutes. Made for some laughs. However, did feel slightly alienated all around because all the comments were made for people who've been there for 4 years, and I was only there for 2. Post-grad reception: more pics. Then booted it back to the city so Michael could catch his plane home. Overall: nice weekend. And the weather rocked.

#9) Completed process to sub. Waiting to appear on the list.

#10) Went for nachos, beer, and a walk with Nina and Nancy S. Had a great time. Stayed out later than anticipated. At the Deck, was accosted (in a nice way) by many boys from Captial O. Actually, they were all friends from Capital O, but not one was actually from there. They were all from all over the country. They decided to hop in a rented van and take a drive. Sounds like so much fun. Wish I had the moolah. Chatted with them for a long time. It was fun. A reminder that I can have a conversation with pretty much anyone. I sometimes forget that. Especially when I spend all day in my basement on the computer.

#11) Speaking of which, I DESERVE A DAY IN MY BASEMENT ON MY COMPUTER. I've been busy. And I can't work now, so I want a day to rest before the phone starts ringing at 5:30 every morning (hopefully) looking to give me work. However, it is sunny out, and now that I've satisfied my salacious readership, I'm going to shower, get dressed and enjoy the fresh air.