13 April 2004

Warning: School is bad for your social life

How was everyone's long weekend?

I spent mine writing a 2500 word poetry essay. Little socializing done.

Amanda spent another night here on Saturday. I'm getting used to friends staying with me. It's fun. Who's next? It's like a party every night. Only we go to bed early. And I'm always doing homework. And there's no food or booze. Okay, so it's nothing like a party.

I didn't mention that I had my last practicum supervision. My supervisor showed up unannounced and I didn't have anything ready for him. I did have a class planned, though, so it went fine. The kids didn't know anyone would be coming in because I had planned to tell them the day before he told me he was coming. They're smart cookies, and most of them figured it out, so they were pretty good that class (for them). Happiness is: mouthiest student in the class being suspended that day, so I didn't have to worry about problems with him.

I have to make up a test now. It was decided that I should torture the kids at least once while I'm there.


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