26 April 2004

Only slightly bitter

It must be nice for all of you who are done practicum, but I still have 5 days. And that's not counting today. So, pooh on all you. But I get to go to DramaFest! So, ha ha.

Birthday was Friday. Big 2-5. I don't feel any different.

It was a tame evening, except for the part where John Deg brought a friend of his to my house and it turns out that he's in high school. Where I teach. Impessed? Not at all.

The fun part was when I saw him in the hall today. Wanted to die!

Didn't bother to tell my co-op teacher about it. Figured it could only spur a lecture that I don't need to hear. I'm aware of why it's wrong to have students in your home, even if you don't teach them.

I was taken out to lunch today by some of the staff. That was fun and yummy.

Countdown to my kids' play. Thursday the 29th. Ask in comments if you want details.

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