04 April 2004

An Explanation

The feeling has dissipated. I finally managed to trace its roots to a longing for my puppy. When I got home that day, I'd was feeling tired, worn down, and in need of a cuddle, but the house was empty. The parentals took off on a luxury cruise, and I was feeling emotionally raw. Jenni was staying here for the week, but I couldn't explain how I was feeling. I felt pretty crappy, not being about to talk to my friend, but it took me a while to identify what was wrong.

Eventually, it all came out in a phone call to Robyn, and I felt much better. She let me cry for a bit, and then I had her distract me by telling me about her goings-on. I then lapsed into a sinus pill-induced sleep.

My first week of teaching ended up going quite well. I'm liking my classes, although they're really chatty. I don't have any "bad" kids; just boisterous, ebullient, and... enthusiastic. They're all fun (except for a couple I could do without), but I'd really like if I could give instructions without having to YELL AT THE TOP OF MY VOICE.

I'll probably have an evaluation-supervision this week. I don't know when yet. Waiting to hear.

Last week of Mount class. Canada in the gold-medal final at the WWHC. 4-day school week. Parent-teacher interviews. Long weekend to come. Andy is home. The excitement never stops.

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