20 April 2004

Easily replaceable.

That's me! Take me out, insert... anyone! Mom was right again.

I'm having a lot of fun on practicum. So much fun, in fact, that I have no interest in sitting at my computer like I used to. The two things aren't necessarily related. I'm just saying that I don't comp as much in general.

Milestone approaching. Not sure how to mark it. Accepting suggestions.

Stay tuned for details of my kids upcoming play. All are invited and encourage to attend.

Last thought for the evening. Amy has been much harassed on her blog, and I'm not entirely sure why. I don't really want anyone to explain, because I don't care why people I don't know vehemently dislike someone I do. I gots no beef with da girl. But what I wonder is why some people feel the need to spew logorrhea (it's a word -- look it up) in the general direction of someone in such a cowardly and juvenile manner. It happened to me a few months back, when a couple of former friends decided to use my comments link to crap all over me, when what they should have been doing was getting on with their own lives, and not reading my blog to see if they could pick out opportunities to kick me when they were down. Another reason this comes to mind is the behaviour of some of my high school students. These internet vultures remind me of some of my worse students who hide behind big words or gender ("You're lucky I don't hit girls") the same way Amy's hide behind computer screens and network cables.

What's worse is that some of my students are more mature than these (ahem) adults. I defer to Robyn's summary of people, as seen on one of her blogs (see link at right).

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