26 April 2004

Only slightly bitter

It must be nice for all of you who are done practicum, but I still have 5 days. And that's not counting today. So, pooh on all you. But I get to go to DramaFest! So, ha ha.

Birthday was Friday. Big 2-5. I don't feel any different.

It was a tame evening, except for the part where John Deg brought a friend of his to my house and it turns out that he's in high school. Where I teach. Impessed? Not at all.

The fun part was when I saw him in the hall today. Wanted to die!

Didn't bother to tell my co-op teacher about it. Figured it could only spur a lecture that I don't need to hear. I'm aware of why it's wrong to have students in your home, even if you don't teach them.

I was taken out to lunch today by some of the staff. That was fun and yummy.

Countdown to my kids' play. Thursday the 29th. Ask in comments if you want details.

20 April 2004

Easily replaceable.

That's me! Take me out, insert... anyone! Mom was right again.

I'm having a lot of fun on practicum. So much fun, in fact, that I have no interest in sitting at my computer like I used to. The two things aren't necessarily related. I'm just saying that I don't comp as much in general.

Milestone approaching. Not sure how to mark it. Accepting suggestions.

Stay tuned for details of my kids upcoming play. All are invited and encourage to attend.

Last thought for the evening. Amy has been much harassed on her blog, and I'm not entirely sure why. I don't really want anyone to explain, because I don't care why people I don't know vehemently dislike someone I do. I gots no beef with da girl. But what I wonder is why some people feel the need to spew logorrhea (it's a word -- look it up) in the general direction of someone in such a cowardly and juvenile manner. It happened to me a few months back, when a couple of former friends decided to use my comments link to crap all over me, when what they should have been doing was getting on with their own lives, and not reading my blog to see if they could pick out opportunities to kick me when they were down. Another reason this comes to mind is the behaviour of some of my high school students. These internet vultures remind me of some of my worse students who hide behind big words or gender ("You're lucky I don't hit girls") the same way Amy's hide behind computer screens and network cables.

What's worse is that some of my students are more mature than these (ahem) adults. I defer to Robyn's summary of people, as seen on one of her blogs (see link at right).

13 April 2004

Warning: School is bad for your social life

How was everyone's long weekend?

I spent mine writing a 2500 word poetry essay. Little socializing done.

Amanda spent another night here on Saturday. I'm getting used to friends staying with me. It's fun. Who's next? It's like a party every night. Only we go to bed early. And I'm always doing homework. And there's no food or booze. Okay, so it's nothing like a party.

I didn't mention that I had my last practicum supervision. My supervisor showed up unannounced and I didn't have anything ready for him. I did have a class planned, though, so it went fine. The kids didn't know anyone would be coming in because I had planned to tell them the day before he told me he was coming. They're smart cookies, and most of them figured it out, so they were pretty good that class (for them). Happiness is: mouthiest student in the class being suspended that day, so I didn't have to worry about problems with him.

I have to make up a test now. It was decided that I should torture the kids at least once while I'm there.


09 April 2004

A new feeling of Empowerment

Yesterday my co-op teacher actually left me alone with both collectives and I got to direct some scenes uninterrupted and unimpeded.

First group; I didn't do much. Their piece is on Mental Health (which more accurately resembles discrimination against more broad-ranging disabilities and challenges than merely mental) and Millie is very firmly taking the lead on this one. I'm okay with that. I wouldn't necessarily be able to look at the piece without prejudice. Millie has been doing this for years, and I think she's more comfortable with the theme.

Second group; It's interesting because I'm simultaneously more familiar and less comfortable with the subject matter. The basic premise is what goes on in the school washroom. The secrets, the illegal activity, the fights, etc. It's a great premise. But I sometimes get a little uncomfortable with what the kids present. It's not ignorance, just wishful thinking that kids aren't that involved in the things they obviously know so much about. But they're comfortable with it, and I'm not going to stifle the creative process. And I did get to have fun with it yesterday. A couple of the girls were concerned with their only parts in the play as being too... pornographic. They wanted to add something else where they were victims/ could make people laugh. What we devised was a fight scene. Once the idea came up, it was easy to put the scene together. It was a lot of fun. Not everyone is gonig to like te scene, but Millie has given her blessing to the idea, and we're going to show it too her after the long weekend. We've made it fit into the whole of the play quite nicely, and I hope it'll fly. I'm really excited about it. I really felt like I took control to involve the students and help them with thier play. Empowering.

The karmic kickback, however, is 2500 essay-worthy words on poetry. Lucky me. So much for a relaxing long weekend.

Presently, I'm having a good chuckle. I'm listening to a compliation of Canadian music, and a song that once made me cry hysterically in the middle of a sad period (I think Mo may be the only one who knows this story, as she'd be the only other person I know who'd be familiar with the song), it currently sending me into fits of laughter at a) my past silliness, b) that 15 year-old boys could write a song that would move me to tears in such an instance. The Moffatt's Misery. Listen to the opening verse, and picture me sobbing alone, in my dark bedroom. Until the chorus starts and I realize what slop has moved me to tears.

90s pop music definitely deserves a special place in history. Give me the power-rock ballad any day. ;)

"It's kinda like a love song...."

04 April 2004

An Explanation

The feeling has dissipated. I finally managed to trace its roots to a longing for my puppy. When I got home that day, I'd was feeling tired, worn down, and in need of a cuddle, but the house was empty. The parentals took off on a luxury cruise, and I was feeling emotionally raw. Jenni was staying here for the week, but I couldn't explain how I was feeling. I felt pretty crappy, not being about to talk to my friend, but it took me a while to identify what was wrong.

Eventually, it all came out in a phone call to Robyn, and I felt much better. She let me cry for a bit, and then I had her distract me by telling me about her goings-on. I then lapsed into a sinus pill-induced sleep.

My first week of teaching ended up going quite well. I'm liking my classes, although they're really chatty. I don't have any "bad" kids; just boisterous, ebullient, and... enthusiastic. They're all fun (except for a couple I could do without), but I'd really like if I could give instructions without having to YELL AT THE TOP OF MY VOICE.

I'll probably have an evaluation-supervision this week. I don't know when yet. Waiting to hear.

Last week of Mount class. Canada in the gold-medal final at the WWHC. 4-day school week. Parent-teacher interviews. Long weekend to come. Andy is home. The excitement never stops.