27 March 2004

Two days and many drugs make a big difference

I'm feeling tons better, but am still not 100%, and I know that I feel much more capable than I am. Case in point, went out yesterday to do many errands that were delinquent. By the time I got home, I was DEAD. The only thing that kept me up was the promise of a special Dinner Out with the 'rents -- a guilt-induced offering inspired by my illness, and their going on a cruise!

I'm back to teaching on Monday. I have lesson planning to do (excitement). Actually, I am rather excited to go back. I love Drama, and te school is pretty great too. My schedule is different, so I'm not going to be spending off periods with the same backwards group as last time. Okay, that's not fair. They weren't backwards. They were quite nice. But they were strange. There's a mental shallowness that permeates the group. I'm a little nervous about sinking myself into that again. I'm going to test this theory that I have more to do with people's weirdness than I previously believed. At least, in relation to me.

There is confirmation that I will be going to Europe this summer! I'm really excited! Details pending, but I'm stoked!