25 March 2004

Karma's a bitch

I spent too much time gloating about how I got an entire week off before practicum, and as a result, I'm sick. No fair.

I woke up Sunday feeling a little poopy. Overly tired, and sensitive to my environment. By Monday, the cough started, but nothing serious. By Tuesday, the snotty head invaded, too. Didn't go to my Lit class; instead stayed home and watched the live broadcast (lovin' technology). Yesterday, was relegated to spending entire day not moving. Sat on couch and knit for a while. Otherwise, spent day in bed, moaning.

Today, sore throat. Not getting better, getting worse. Managed to score face time with el doctor. He will determine whether the white spots mom identified are malignant or a reflection of the flashlight. Oh, goody. More antibiotics.

My favourite part, though, has to be the bizarre, drug-induced dreams. I have to take something at night to stop the snot, and knock me out. It causes some interesting neuron firing in my brain. Tuesday night, it was all about boys. But it's last night's that has me thinking. I had a dream about Daphne. I think it upset me a little. She was living with a couple of her friends from here, for some reason (although I don't remember if we were here or there). I was hurt that I hadn't been asked, and while I don't smoke the quantities of anything (cigs or other) that they do, I was just sad that I hadn't been considered.

I guess I'm missing her. She was a good friend for a long time. I think it's been over a year since I've talked to her. E-mails go unanswered, and phone calls are hard to make with a 5 hours time difference. When I do manage to call, there's no answer. I know I should just let it go. I know she's really busy with her program, and her life. I just miss the talking.

I have lots of great friends now. They all have elements of her. But every so often, I get that hankering for the original.

Especially when I've spent 3 days alone, in bed.

I hear it's sunny out today. Looking forward to seeing for myself.

Oh, and the exciting news: Got me a second interview with the London people! They're 99.9% certain that I'm what they're looking for. I have to peruse my portfolio at some point to make me look extra fun, smart, witty, and cosmopolitan.

Mail's here. I'm going to hoist my ass out of bed and see if there are bills for me. WHEEEEE!

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