20 February 2004

Buried alive

It's snowing a lot and the outside is off limits to the public. My first state of emergency. How exciting.

I finally cracked from the stir-crazies and Amanda and I braved the 6 foot snow drift and walk the 2 minutes to the mailbox so she could mail a letter to her sister. It's not like the letter will go anywhere, and the 2-minute walk took closer to 15, but it was so great to be outside. It's totally psychological. I probably would have stayed inside all day anyway, but because I didn't have a choice, I needed to go outside. It was actually quite pleasant. As nasty as snow can be, the nice thing about it, is that it needs a relatively warm temperature to form. So, apart from the wind, it was great out! And it was fun plunging through the drifts, and being out in the deserted streets.

Tomorrow is another day of seclusion. We'll have to shovel out the driveway, and I think Amanda wants to hit the road tomorrow, if she can. It is cozy, though. And it really makes me appreciate a warm place to live.

Mother Nature knows what she's doing.

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