01 February 2004

Ask and ye shall receive

Had some complaints about the glaring neon colours that rotated through my blog. Also, the flashing scrollbar was really pissing me off.

New template, new comment server. Go, me.

On another note, my dr. decided that I have a lung infection, even though I'm not hacking up technicoloured goo. He put me on antibiotics and a narcotic to "numb the cough centre" of my brain. Said narcotics came with dire warnings against driving and operating other heavy machinery. All false. I've never been so wired in my life. I was dopey, sure; but I didn't sleep for 2 days. Gave up on them myself, and when dear Mamma went to same dr. subsequently, obtained new prescription for innocuous Robitussin + Codeine. Now that's what I call a KO! Sleep has returned, although quality is lacking. Eye twitches constantly to protest.

Or that's the stress of having to write my first essay in 17 months. On my least-favourite topic to analyse: poetry. Wish me luck and not too many hysterics.

PS; Battle of dog grieving continues. And sucks royally.

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