20 February 2004

Buried alive

It's snowing a lot and the outside is off limits to the public. My first state of emergency. How exciting.

I finally cracked from the stir-crazies and Amanda and I braved the 6 foot snow drift and walk the 2 minutes to the mailbox so she could mail a letter to her sister. It's not like the letter will go anywhere, and the 2-minute walk took closer to 15, but it was so great to be outside. It's totally psychological. I probably would have stayed inside all day anyway, but because I didn't have a choice, I needed to go outside. It was actually quite pleasant. As nasty as snow can be, the nice thing about it, is that it needs a relatively warm temperature to form. So, apart from the wind, it was great out! And it was fun plunging through the drifts, and being out in the deserted streets.

Tomorrow is another day of seclusion. We'll have to shovel out the driveway, and I think Amanda wants to hit the road tomorrow, if she can. It is cozy, though. And it really makes me appreciate a warm place to live.

Mother Nature knows what she's doing.

16 February 2004

Appeasment... and vomiting

Again, Robyn has been complaining about my lack of blog. The rest of you have been quite patient, and I appreciate that. I have a couple of things to cover.

About 10 days ago, we had our Graduation Formal. It's early in the year, since graduation itself isn't until May, but once we all go on practicum, it'll be impossible to get everyone together again. Of course, not everyone went, but those who did had a great time. Here's the rundown:

Dinner and dance at the Old O. No date. Sat at a table with 4 other couples, but I didn't really want to go with anyone. Didn't want to be tied to someone all night, and I didn't want to bring anyone who wasn't going to understand the in-jokes of the Ed program. My thoughts were confirmed. Lani's date, and other "outsiders" had no idea what was going on. I'll admit, we're a snobby group. You have to be there to understand what made it funny. Anyway, dinner was good. There were mock awards (mine: Most Likely to get a bit-part on Sailor Moon), a guest speaker, a valedictorian, and some impromptu poetry. It was a lot of fun. Our MCs were a little unprepared, and that could have been better, but it was still a great program.

Then the dance started. Dance=drink. I was wild. And not in just in a fun way. I did let things get out of hand. I lost count of how much I had to drink, I was buying drinks for anyone who'd let me. I spent the night with different people than I normally hang out with. I was with Nina and co for a while, and then I ended up spending most of the time with Nancy G. and her date (who I actually knew in high school -- which is why I made the connection), and Adam, a guy I did a project with last semester. Nice guy. Pretty cute. And did I mention nice? And cute?

Okay, the bad stuff. I lost a large portion of the evening. I don't really remember what happened after the DJ announced last call at the bar. Apparently, I was a slobbering mess. I was crying about how much I was going to miss everyone -- well, the people I like, anyway. I puked in the ladies' washroom sink. That was classy. The sink then clogged and overflowed. Even better. I had to pay $50 in damages. I don't think that's unreasonable, though. It was a stupid thing to do.

Then I somehow managed to get to Robyn's where I immediately burst into tears at the sight of her dog. I'd already had a run-in with a classmate earlier in the evening, and he made a rude comment that upset me (this is where Adam stepped up and made me feel better). I was pretty fragile, and the alcohol didn't help. Alcohol + Grieving = Mess. I guess I calmed down eventually. Because the next thing I remember is going to the bathroom. Whilst sitting there, I puked in the tub (my grace is astonishing). Apparently I sat on the toilet for an hour and a half, declaring that I had to pee, but it took me that long to get anything out. Robyn lent me some pjs (I had changed for the formal at Steph's and my luggage was still there). I made my way into the futon, and I managed to screw up Robyn's offer of Advil or anti-nausea pills by drunkenly declaring that anti-nausea pills upset my stomach, but Advil was fine. It's the opposite. I wasn't in bed 10 minutes, when I was up with my head in the toilet. I think I set a record for use of bathroom receptacles.

I then slept soundly until 9 am, called mom to wish her happy birthday, and passed out again until noon. I woke up feeling far better than I deserved to (thanks to the gastro-intestinal acrobatics). I took Robyn and Kurt to the Big Stop for brunch. It was good and exactly what I needed. Despite the humiliation I've been suffering over my behaviour (words don't describe the half of it), I had a great night. It was a lot of fun.

I drove back to the city and went out for supper for mom's birthday that night. Dad ordered wine for the table. I could barely look at it without wanting to puke. I was so tired when I got home that night.

This past week was hectic, which is why I didn't get a chance to blog earlier about the dance.

Monday I was ill. Probably a bit of delayed hangover. I spent a lot of it trying to sort out the missing details of the end of the dance.

Tuesday was a job fair. I went and saw some presentations, signed up for some interviews, talked to some others, and went home. On Wednesday, I had an interview with the NYC school board, and a British supply agency that sounds like it has a great deal. I have some thinking to do about that.

Thursday I had to pack up again and I headed to the Island. It was a 5 hour drive. Very tiring. I was at the wheel, and by the end of it I was pretty cranky. 4 girls in the car; Lani, her friend, Jenni, and me. 4 girls in a hotel room. Room like an oven. No sleep.

Lani was really stressed out, and frankly hard to deal with. I took deep breaths and bit my tongue a lot, but Jenni found it pretty upsetting sometimes, because they'd never met before. Once the interviews and meetings were out of the way, things were fine. But it was rough for 36 hours or so.

I had an interview with the home board, and I've been approved to teach Core French 7 - 12. I've also been screened for the sub list, which means I can start applying for full-time and percentage jobs in May when the postings go up. I think I might wait and see what kind of full-time jobs I have access to, and then I'll make a final decision on the UK.

Other than that, it was just really nice to hang out with Jenni. She's in B-Water, all alone, and she has a lot to do with teaching and planning and marking... we don't get to talk much. Sadness. :( But we had almost 72 hours together in very close proximity -- same bed for 2 nights -- so that was a nice way to catch up.

We drove back to the City on Valentine's Day, and didn't get back to my place until 10 pm. Again, I was exhausted. I didn't sleep much better the second night. The bed wasn't comfortable, and I'm not that great at sleeping with someone else in the bed. I'm out of practice. Jenni and I watched Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD, and went to bed. No dates. I didn't care at all. I was so tired, and just glad to avoid all the hype and commercialism. I think it's the first Valentine's Day that I didn't feel even a little bitter. It didn't matter. Just another day. I had a good time.

So, that brings us pretty much up to date. Amanda is here now. She had to write a math exam today, and she has no family here anymore. I'm not quite sure how long she's staying. At this particular moment, she's having a nap. She didn't pass the exam, and she's disappointed, but she'll have another chance to write it in a couple of weeks. Tomorrow we're going to the province's most photographed locale (can anyone guess where that is?) so she can get some pics to show to her friends at UMPI (school).

I had wanted to go to T-Dot, but it's not a good time. Can't get a good price on a flight, and I don't think I should stay with Bro because he's having some problems and I shouldn't stick my nose in the middle. I hope it works out soon for him, though.

I think that's it.

01 February 2004

Ask and ye shall receive

Had some complaints about the glaring neon colours that rotated through my blog. Also, the flashing scrollbar was really pissing me off.

New template, new comment server. Go, me.

On another note, my dr. decided that I have a lung infection, even though I'm not hacking up technicoloured goo. He put me on antibiotics and a narcotic to "numb the cough centre" of my brain. Said narcotics came with dire warnings against driving and operating other heavy machinery. All false. I've never been so wired in my life. I was dopey, sure; but I didn't sleep for 2 days. Gave up on them myself, and when dear Mamma went to same dr. subsequently, obtained new prescription for innocuous Robitussin + Codeine. Now that's what I call a KO! Sleep has returned, although quality is lacking. Eye twitches constantly to protest.

Or that's the stress of having to write my first essay in 17 months. On my least-favourite topic to analyse: poetry. Wish me luck and not too many hysterics.

PS; Battle of dog grieving continues. And sucks royally.