17 January 2004

Getting by

This was the longest week of my life. And I'm not exaggerating. It wasn't like it felt like Friday, but it was only Tuesday. Every day had it's own special and specific length. There's were ups and downs each day. Some moments flew by, others were their own individual millennia. But with the first week behind me, I know I'm going to be okay.

I learned a lot about how supportive my friends are (thanks, Lew) and how certain people are only interested in taking opportunities where they can get them, no matter what opened the door (no names). Shame on those people. I don't wish them harm, though. I just lament that the same attitude is going to kick them in the face when they're down. Even the possibility should be punishment enough for their selfishness.

Biggest thanks to Lani, Robyn, Foo, Steph, and Andy for being right where I wanted when I needed you, and for being understand, amazing and existent. I hope I can be there for every one of them when they need me, like they were when I needed them. Even with their support, it was a long, lonely week. But I could count on every one of them for a laugh, a hug, a :), or a thought, even before I knew I needed it. I hope they all know what wonderful, special people they are.

Healing is going to be a long process. I think I can get through it.

On another note: Congrats to NAncy on running her half-marathon on Sunday. She had an amazing time, and I can already see how the experience has changed her for the good. She worked harder than she knew she could. I'm so glad she went. I did miss her company this week -- aside the above-mentioned -- but this was not her place. She had to make a difference elsewhere in the world.

12 January 2004

Words can't describe

I didn't need to make my own drama this weekend. It found me with a vengeance.

My dog, Tripper, died Saturday morning. He was 14.5 years old. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. I loved him so much, and I'm going to miss him. I can't even describe it. He was a part of the family, and watching him gasp those last few breaths was crushing. He'd been sick for a couple of days, but we thought it was just another spell. He sometimes went a couple of days sleeping a lot, and not eating much, but by Friday night, he wouldn't even get up to go the door. Dad put him out late Friday night, and he fell trying to get down the steps. I knew then that he didn't have much fight left. But I thought we'd have to bring him to the vet to.... He made the decision for us. He died at about 7:30 Saturday morning. I was with him, and so were my parents. He was home, and we were home with him. My brother was in Toronto, and didn't even know that Tripper was sick, so he's devastated. We didn't think to call him, because we never thought that there was much to worry about.

In November, when Tripper was having a spell, I said to Robyn one night, "I just want one more Christmas with him." He gave that to me.

I miss him so much.

04 January 2004


I don't often allude to my rampant and insatiable interest in the news, politics, and trivia, but I like to know things. If at all interested, check out this website by Foo's former roommate. He's an American ex-pat, currently living in Toronto, and I guess he got some funding to follow this year's US presidential election. I'm doing my part via "word-of-mouth".

Voices Without Votes 2004: