28 December 2003

The story:

Okay, so Matt C. and I met in junior high school. We were in percussion ensemble together when I was in Grade 9 (even though I played clarinet). I remember him being nice, and quiet. I also remember his dad owning a food place -- muffins and cookies and such. Which was great for gorging myself on carbs on a break from my acting classes. High school seems a blur now. I don't remember seeing him around much. I didn't see him at all after that. It's nice to know he's alive and still kicking. Stranger to know that we are still connected by two degrees. Oh how small the world.

The hemophiliac was okay. He'd already taken his medication that day, so he was in no danger of bleeding to death. Still, it was wacky. And scary.

My practicum was great. I had fun while I was there, but it was exhausting, which is why I never blogged. I was too friggin' tired all the time.

When I started, I was sick as a dog. I missed the first day because I had this crazy cold that literally appeared overnight. Showed up day 2 with no voice. Managed to squeak through the week like that. The following Monday, I jumped right in.

I taught 2 Grade 12 classes, and a Grade 10. I more watched the Grade 12s. They do productions for their coursework, and that includes directing the show themselves. All I did as a teacher was suggest things the director might have missed, kept order, give pep talks, and made sure everyone was still having fun. One class was doing 'A Christmas Carol' and my co-op teacher still handled them mostly. They only had a month to go when I showed up, so I was way behind, and not able to help them with the last minute details. The other group is doing 'To Kill a Mockingbird' (controversy!!) in January, and I spent a lot more time with them. They were a great class. I had to spend a considerable amount of time talking the director down out of her worry-tree, though. She's investing everything in this show, and she's worried that it's not coming together fast enough. She's doing an amazing job, though, and I had so much fun with that group, because they seem so focused and driven. Really exciting.

The Grade 10s were just a different class. They're doing the basics of drama. There's a required Fine Arts credit here, and the kids that can't draw or play an instrument end up in drama. So that class is a different group. Only about half of them will go on to take Grade 11 drama next year. In that case, it was just about going over fundamentals, and coming up with activities that are both fun and interesting. If it's boring, or they don't see the point of it, that's the end of it. You don't get anything out of them. Some students regularly got zeroes on assignments because they'd tell me up front that they weren't planning on doing any work. I still had a good time with them, though.

I decided to move home. No more w/v for me. I'll commute for school, but I have so much more fun, and it's so much cheaper living at home. I'm running out of money. I just can't pay for that apartment and all the bells and whistles anymore. I'm going to commute 3 days a week with Lani. I officially moved out of the apartment yesterday. Loaded everything in a van, and it'll be stored in MB until I can afford to live on my own again.

It's weird. Even as everything was being taken out, it still felt homey. I guess I formed a real attachment to that place. I wasn't sad, though. I took a picture of the building before I left, but it seems kinda hollow. "Here's a picture of where I lived." So, what? I guess it's hard to miss because I'm happy to be moving home.

I hung out with Mo last night. She's in town for a couple of weeks for Christmas. I actually bumped into her last week, and it was the happiest accident ever. We went for our hallowed sushi, and ate a TON, as usual. I met her bf, Jeff, and he seems great. She certainly likes him. :)

I was also invited out by Andy, who's in town from T-dot, but was too tired to go. He said he'd give me a call and we could hang out tonight. We'll see how I feel. I've decided that today is my lazy day, and I've already written a novel, so I'm wa-a-a-a-a-ay behind on my ass-growing.

There. You're all caught up. Be happy.

Happy New Year.

10 December 2003

Short and sweet

Imagine the worst possible thing that could happen to a student in a classroom (minus any weapons). Make that student a hemophiliac.

Welcome to my day.