26 November 2003


I already made excuses to Robyn for my lack of blog. Now I will make them public.

I hate my computer right now. You'll have to teeter on those seat edges for a while longer before I reveal more about my elaborate existance.

Matt C., I will get to you next time.

17 November 2003

The Retraction

I did not, in any way, mean to imply that there was anything wrong with Loopy's (Lani's old pseudonym) name. My intention was to show that I don't purposefully pick inflammatory pseudonyms. Except in Limpy's case. And there's nothing inflammatory going on down there.


In other news; I missed my first day of practicum due to the return of the super-nasty cold that likes to follow me on my romps through the public school system. So much for seeming enthusiastic. I will arrive early tomorrow, if it kills me (and I'm sure some of you are hoping it will.

PS; Hello, Mr. Cluett! How are things in your world?