10 October 2003

The times they are a changin'.

I'm in shock. I can't believe it. They actually left.

For the first time in my life, I have to fend for myself on Thanksgiving. My parents went to Italy for 2 weeks. They left this evening. My brother is in T-dot, "housepoor", and unable to come home. So, instead, I'm doing it myself!

Well, not all by myself. Nayana is coming down and we're cooking a turkey. She's cooking after the actual turkey and I have stuffing. My dad prepared a Cranberry Relish for me to bring that smells and tastes yummy! I'm doing my potatoes, Robyn and Kurt are bringing carrots. Nayana's roomate, sister and bf will be there also. I might see if the sister can provide either a dessert or a green vegetable. So, that's seven.

Like I said, I'm sad. But I think I'll be okay. And if this plan hadn't worked out, I'm sure I could have convinced my parents to send my sorry ass to T-dot.

Come to think of it, what's wrong with me!? I could have gone shopping! I could have gone to to "Mamma Mia!" I could have seen Jenn & Justin! I could have... drawn even more comparaisons to how different this Thanksgiving will be to every one I've ever known.

At least this way, I can do it the way I like. Not that I don't love my brother, but I don't know if a turkey for 3 in a big city would have cut it for me. At least this way, I have something new to look forward to. Actually, I think I wish they'd sent Michael home. :( It must be worse for him.

I will call him and say nice things on Sunday. :) I will even write a note so I don't forget. :D

I am tired and must sleep.

Oh, yes. And ditto to the last blog.

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