17 October 2003

It's my life. You live yours.

Okay, so I think it's time to intervene on my own behalf. I had hoped to avoid this, because from what I'm hearing, I think it's only going to enflame things more. But apparently my silence isn't helping either.

Robyn recently posted a blog lamenting the collape of roommateness between Estelle and I. In it she mentioned numerous attempts on my part to make contact, and noted that Estelle has been making inflamatory comments, "Evidently, it is not a far jump from space issues to slander." But she didn't state what those comments were.

In the comments section, Kaye then requested that Robyn butt out (my interpretation), asked for people not to pass judgement (a statement which I greatly appreciated), and requests that everyone let Estelle and I resolve things in our own good time.

So Robyn, after checking with me, posted the ICQ conversation she had with Estelle in which the stability of my mental state is called into question. I had read this conversation myself -- ICQ history can be a handy tool when one wants to validate infomation -- and was extremely upset by the comments made by Estelle because I didn't understand how a space issue turned into conjecture on my mental health. So, since I didn't think it was fair that Robyn was being accused (because that is how it seemed) of spreading rumours, when she was only making allusions to words actually written by my fellow disputee, I allowed her to post the evidence of which she spoke.

Now there is a reply from Estelle herself. More words. It makes my head spin. I have a headache. I'm still not sure where all this comes from.

I was originally going to post a rebuttal to said comment, but now I'm not going to. I don't see the purpose, since it won't accomplish any sort of change. All I'm going to do is point out that I have yet to say anything -- positive or negative -- about what's going on. I have tried. I have saved my evidence of that, but the only person who should see it is the person to whom it was sent in the first place. I won't even make allusion to what I said in those attempts, because it isn't anyone else's business. I will, however, state that Robyn isn't lying. She was BCCed in every correspondence attempt (as was a professor in 2 cases) because I trusted her to let me know if/when I said anything that could be portrayed as a verbal attack.

I will say this, though: I don't know how "She went nutso on practicum in Dec....." could be taken "out of context". But I also don't really care for an explanation.

People make up their own minds. I firmly believe that. And I refuse to engage in the mudslinging to which I feel I've been subjected over the past two weeks. I know who my friends are.

As I tell everyone; remember, you don't exist in a vacuum: The things you do have an effect, whether you realize it or not.

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