22 October 2003

I am the Lizard Queen!!

It's hard to be completely perky when you're convinced that the cold of the year is trying desperately to invade your lungs. I'm ill-equipped to deal with it right now. I have too much to do. This is probably why my brain won't work, though. It was awful. Last night, Matt came over and we were going to just work and work and work on one of our many assignment. When I say "our", I don't mean that they were projects together, just mutual work -- since I'm in all of his classes. As far as actual work went, we did virtually nothing. We found a few sites and a couple of things we could print off or manipulate, but really, we didn't do much. In the end, we just ended up piled on the couch watching bad sitcoms, and then Family Guy before I took him home. Confusion still reigns. But maybe it's more fear than confusion. Or maybe it's just safer. Wait, not maybe. It is. Because if it weren't a safer option, there would be no need for fear. And of course, there's the prevailing feeling that I fucked up so royally last year, that it wouldn't matter anyway.

Blah. That's not what I woke up this morning to write. I wanted to write about how I could get a drama placement for my practicum. There are a limited number of teachers I'm allowed to work with, and I don't know whether any of them will take a student teacher. But JV is looking into it for me. So, yea!! I'm excited! I am the Lizard Queen!

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