05 September 2003


I guess I should just go to bed and not spend time being mopey online. I'm feeling a little blue, though. Perhaps lonely might describe it well, but it's a selfish lonely. Maybe it's because I'm tired and bored and don't have enough activity. Maybe it's frustration with some of the crap that's going on amidst my "community" here, but I'm a little frustrated and not in the mood to try to perk myself out of it right now.

There are a couple of people who deserve a good punch in the headfor being chronically unobservant and not just a little blind. Being self-aware is hard, but we're not talking quantum physics. If something is wrong then look at what you can do to fix it before you start blaming everyone else. If you've dane everything you can to try to fix something and you still see a problem, then take it that person and see what you can work out. It's not a big deal! This is going on with too many people right now. I'm even a little guilty of it myself. But there's so much negativity and I've only been here 3 days!!!

I want my mommy. :(

Before I set myself off into a flood of tears from exhaution, frustration, and loneliness, I shall go to bed.

Life is good. My father never held a gun to my head, so right off, I can count 2 people I'm ahead of. There are plenty of third world people who would love to have my first world problems. (Thanks, MG.)