12 August 2003

I feel great!

I have felt this good in many days! All last week, with the crappy weather, I was tired and demoralized. I just felt like crap. Sunday night I had a migraine and was in a lot of pain. Only ended up working 3 hours Monday as a result, due to lack of sleep and residual pain. Today I still felt a little hungover (from the meds) and I wasn't sure I was going to go rowing. Another downpour threatened to be my saviour, but it cleared off just when Nayana and I had set our deadline for a decision. We went and it was FANTASTIC! We had a good crew, and while our start was a little labourious when we got a rhythm going, I felt like gold.

I just broke in my new aesthetician. Ouch. She likes her wax hot and her waxing quick. I appreciated the speed, since waiting tends to make me tense, but I really thought my skin was going to burn off. Maybe that helps dull the pain though, because I got through it without much trouble. But I miss Laura. :( We got along so well. We always laughed when I went in. I might go elsewhere for my intended pre-wedding manicure/pedicure. I need to be able to chat if I'm sitting there for 45 minutes. And perhaps elsewhere has more convenient times.

I'm doing a countdown to finish work -- even though it also means back to school, I just want to be done with the job -- and the 6:15 wake-up. I have 11 days to go. Then my vacation in T-dot begins. The wedding, the lounging, the sleeping. I'm so stoked! I think I'll start Gone With the Wind then. I'm hoping to devour a good chunk in a weekend.

That's all for now. Mom has blueberry crisp in the oven and my mouth is starting to water!

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