02 July 2003

Long time, no blog

Wow. Busy me.

Number 1) Finished rowing. 3 days in a row last week. Much pain did I feel for many days.

Number 2) Selected wedding dress. Pale green with some print. Pretty. Pleased with choice.

Number 3) Downtime with Foo. Skipped Other Work function to do so.

Number 4) Day of drinking and movie-ing with Nancy. Started at a wine tent on the waterfront -- tasting and food for $10. Excellent. Got tipsy. Walked to the 'Stache and drank more. Nikah arrived, and more drinking and eating ensued. At which point we walked to the theatre to see Charlie's Angels: Full Throtle. Utter trash. I refuse to waste valuable typing time listing the plot holes that they tried to fill with T&A. Much disappointment.

Number 5) Drove to MB to spend Quality Time with the parentals, and a visiting cousin + stepfamily. Good times, great weather.

Number 6) Rick's surprise b-day dinner. 'Twas entertaining. He embarrassed himself by telling the waitress it was his birthday. They made him stand on a chair whilst they sang at him. Ha ha! People were gonig to the CD fireworks afterwards, but I, being tired, went home to bed.

Number 7) Started reception at The Heart today. Managed to stay mildly entertained with an accumulation of the weekend's newspapers, crosswords included. Did a quick lunch with Foo. I can tell I'm going to go crazy. I won't always have people to break the monotony of my workday, and it's no fun eating lunch alone when that's how you spend your entire day. All I can think is, "I need to buy books."

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