06 June 2003

What a week

I thought it would never stop. I'm not talking about wishing my life away, but it just seemed to drag. I only started working this week, and I already don't remember not working. I long for another vacation. I think it's because I'm lazy.

I'm feeling slightly irritated tonight. I have nothing to do, and that's pretty much been my natural state of late. It seems like, if I'm not chasing people to do things, I don't do anything. And I'm tired of chasing people, so I'm not doing anything. Why can't I maintain reciprocal friendships? once I get the feeling that I'm doing all the calling, I stop, and suddenly, the phone is silent.

I don't want to complain about this; I'm just frustrated. I want to have a fun summer, and I don't see that happening yet.

Right now I'm mostly looking forward to Jenn's wedding at the end of August. The invitation came in the mail today. I'm really excited. I just need to figure out what I'm wearing, what I'm going to say (I'm speaking), and where to get a date....