17 June 2003

New love

I had my first rowing class this evening and it was AWESOME! The first thing I learned is that I have to cut my fingernails, or I'm going to tear the shit out of the backs of my hands. We learned the basics of the stroke, how to sit and move so you don't strain your back, and then we went out in the water. It was so much fun, but I made so many mistakes. It made me realize how weak I am. I really need to build up some strength; especially in my arms. I know the boats are awkward, but I had so much trouble carrying it. Maybe it was how, I don't know, but I'm sure it'll get easier once these muscles pop up.

I worked with NAncy today for a bit. I went into Other Work, and managed to stretch out what little there was to do into 3 hours, but then I hit that wall again. I wasn't needed, and I knew she could use the help, so I called her and met her and her crew at PPP. I watched the kids play for about 3 hours and then they had to catch a bus back to her place, so I headed back to Other Work. I managed to fill enough time until it was time to leave for rowing, so I feel like a had a productive day.

Nayana came with me. She had fun too. And we met another girl our age and she seems like fun. It's so easy to bond when you keep scraping oars and when you "get a crab", which is what they call it when your oar gets stuck in the water -- which happens a LOT the first day.

I can't wait until Thursday! It's supposed to rain, but I'm excited to go back!!!

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