24 June 2003

Drawing a straight line

I don't have much to blog. Life is far from boring, but I'm not doing much. I managed to get to the Multicultural Festival on the weekend, but all I did was hover around the food tables, and talk to the Acadians about French. I've left work early the last 2 days because I haven't had enough to do. Yesterday I just came home, but today I went to the mall to find a dress for Jenn's wedding. I found 3. Mom and Grandad came with me, and they couldn't decide either so I took all 3 and I'll get my dad to cast his vote. I may also see if Nancy can help me. As long as I decide by next Tuesday, I can return the ones I don't want. I already have a good idea, but I'm not sure which I'm more likely to wear again, and that's key when I'm looking at dresses in excess of $100.

I had rowing again tonight. Nayana and I were in a double. That was interesting. There was a lot of zig-zagging back and forth across the lanes. We got the hang of it near the end (as usual). It was really frustrating, but I still had such a great time! We're doing a make-up lesson tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be in lots of pain by the time the weekend rolls around. I'm looking forward to Saturday. I'm not doing anyting at work, but I'm getting up at 7:30 to do nothing. On Saturday I can lie around in earnest. :D How exciting.

I guess I had more blog in me than I realized.

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