03 June 2003


Why are people such backwards idiots!? Is there no one on the planet who can accept that they aren't always right, and that there are other possibilites than what they know (or think they know)?

My lament starts because my father is losing a highly talented employee beacuse said employee thinks he's a genius and everyone else is a dipshit. He worked there a couple of years ago and left because he thought the grass was greener elsewhere. He did some freelance work for a while, but it wasn't as lucrative as he'd hoped, so he started negotiations to start working for my dad again. He was finally taken back, and now he's up and done it again. He bashes his supervisors, berates everyone, skips off work to golf without telling anyone he's leaving, and when people sit down with him to discuss the problems, he points fingers. He's so good at what he does, but he creates incredibly antagonistic environments. So today he was told that h he would not be kept on after his probation ended, and he immediately started pointing blame at everyone else. He refuses to own up to his behaviour because he thinks everyone else is a moron. My dad is upset and frustrated; co-workers are demoralized. It's all because of someone who thinks they know better.

Why are people like this? I encounter this everywhere. And -- apologies for the generalization -- men handle it worse then any other section of society. When a man is wrong, he goes into hiding. They're socialized like this! It's their belief that they are the strong ones. Well, how can they be strong if they're wrong? "If I ignore it, it'll go away." More like, if I beat it down.... I'm so sick of people, ALL people, not taking responsibility. It's one big blame game. Fess up, apologize, MOVE ON.

I don't have enough appendages to count the number of times I've had to either ignore a blunder, or chase someone for an apology. No wonder society is so sick. How can we be content about anything when we're constantly on guard for the next blame sniper. You're not even safe from your children. "I'm like this because my parents...." Boo hoo hoo. Suck it up. You may have a reason, but it shouldn't be an EXCUSE.