24 June 2003

Drawing a straight line

I don't have much to blog. Life is far from boring, but I'm not doing much. I managed to get to the Multicultural Festival on the weekend, but all I did was hover around the food tables, and talk to the Acadians about French. I've left work early the last 2 days because I haven't had enough to do. Yesterday I just came home, but today I went to the mall to find a dress for Jenn's wedding. I found 3. Mom and Grandad came with me, and they couldn't decide either so I took all 3 and I'll get my dad to cast his vote. I may also see if Nancy can help me. As long as I decide by next Tuesday, I can return the ones I don't want. I already have a good idea, but I'm not sure which I'm more likely to wear again, and that's key when I'm looking at dresses in excess of $100.

I had rowing again tonight. Nayana and I were in a double. That was interesting. There was a lot of zig-zagging back and forth across the lanes. We got the hang of it near the end (as usual). It was really frustrating, but I still had such a great time! We're doing a make-up lesson tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be in lots of pain by the time the weekend rolls around. I'm looking forward to Saturday. I'm not doing anyting at work, but I'm getting up at 7:30 to do nothing. On Saturday I can lie around in earnest. :D How exciting.

I guess I had more blog in me than I realized.

19 June 2003

I'm lovin' it!

I was rowing again tonight. Again, it was fabulous. It poured rain. At one point, the coach thought we might get lightning, so we had to stay relatively close to the docks, but it was great. Again I laughed the whole time. I enjoy it so much! I'm so happy to have found something to do that is active and fun and outdoors and all mine! I'm not going to rush out and buy a boat or anything. I just want to have fun.

I'm tired. All that rowing has stopped my brain. Time for a rest.

17 June 2003

New love

I had my first rowing class this evening and it was AWESOME! The first thing I learned is that I have to cut my fingernails, or I'm going to tear the shit out of the backs of my hands. We learned the basics of the stroke, how to sit and move so you don't strain your back, and then we went out in the water. It was so much fun, but I made so many mistakes. It made me realize how weak I am. I really need to build up some strength; especially in my arms. I know the boats are awkward, but I had so much trouble carrying it. Maybe it was how, I don't know, but I'm sure it'll get easier once these muscles pop up.

I worked with NAncy today for a bit. I went into Other Work, and managed to stretch out what little there was to do into 3 hours, but then I hit that wall again. I wasn't needed, and I knew she could use the help, so I called her and met her and her crew at PPP. I watched the kids play for about 3 hours and then they had to catch a bus back to her place, so I headed back to Other Work. I managed to fill enough time until it was time to leave for rowing, so I feel like a had a productive day.

Nayana came with me. She had fun too. And we met another girl our age and she seems like fun. It's so easy to bond when you keep scraping oars and when you "get a crab", which is what they call it when your oar gets stuck in the water -- which happens a LOT the first day.

I can't wait until Thursday! It's supposed to rain, but I'm excited to go back!!!

15 June 2003

Salad Days

A tame weekend. But satisfying. I spent time with some of the people who make me happiest. Movies; rainy days in the country. Ah, poetry lives.

I'm starting rowing this week, and I'm getting excited. It'll be fun to try something new.

I just discovered that I grated my thumbnail. I was grating carrot earlier to put in salads for my lunches. I guess I caught my thumbnail. It's all torn. :( But it's intact, so I don't think I have to worry about digesting any. Yuck.

12 June 2003



Bitterness gone. Sigh.

Frivolity comes with a price

So, I think Someone is trying to teach me a lesson. Apparently I should own expensive things, or anything that helps me maintain my eyesight, for that matter.

On the weekend (at Kelly's camp), I dropped my cell by the lake and it got stepped on. It could have been me, it could have been someone else. But the end result was a hole in the display screen, and a whole lot of wetness. Considering how drunk I was, I would have expected myself to freak out. There was a little bit of "Oh, no!" but otherwise I was generally calm about it. I decided that either it could be fixed or it couldn't. Simple enough. I brought it in and they said it was only the glass and they fixed it for only $35. They gave me labour free, since it was a 2 minute job and nothing else was wrong with it (a miracle). That wasn't so bad.

I lost my glasses a few weeks ago. The last time I saw them was before I went to LA. I'm not covered under insurance for a new appointment, prescription or frames until October, but I can't wait that long because I'm getting dizzy spells.

And today I lost my sunglasses. My $135, 6 week old pair. Gone. Disappeared into the void. And I think I lost them at my dad's office too, so that makes it worse. I really despise people. Why can't they just be honest. And before you start hurling accussations like, "If you found a pair of sunglasses, you'd take them too." No. I wouldn't. Because this isn't the first time this has happened, and I know how upsetting it is. Even my eyeglasses have been stolen right out of my schoolbag. ARGH!!!

So, I'm bitter. And I haven't learned anything, because I'm going out right now to buy another pair. Then I can whine about my $300 sunglasses when they go missing (combined total, both pairs).

11 June 2003

Making your life better

I was going to blog, but I've decided to sleep instead. Don't you feel fulfilled, just knowing that?

09 June 2003

Making Nostalgia

My mood continues to improve. I have a sneaking suspicion that PMS was a factor; although, thanks to Depo, I can never be sure.

I had a great weekend. Went to Kelly's camp Saturday night, drank too much, but had fun doing it. As bedtime approached, I decided that I didn't really want to digest all that alcohol, and proceeded to expunge it. I was still hit hard, but all the better for it on Sunday, I think.

This is Nikah and Nacy's last week at the Heart. I'm sad. It's selfish, though. I'm sad because it means that I won't be able to go back and visit/work next year if I come home for the weekend. I'm also sad for them because tomorrow is going to be a hard day with all the goodbyes. I'm going to make myself scarce early so I can avoid the tears. I don't have to say goodbye to them. I plan on being friends with them for years. I learn so much from them. They are so generous with their love and support, and right now it's important to me to keep in touch and have more wild and crazy nights, harassing innocent bands who have technical difficulties, and shocking the old ladies with our dance moves. I'm getting teary, so I have to stop now.

Stanley Cup final tonight -- Game 7. Go Ducks!

07 June 2003

Looking up

I've regained a bit of my self-respect. Boy, was I ever pissy last night. I decided that I needed an endorphin rush, so I put on my sneakers and went for a power-walk. I felt so much better as soon as I started. And then I sat down to start a Sailor Moon-a-thon. I don't know why I considered it a last minute "only if everyone ditches me" activity. I love that show. I really enjoyed watching it. Then I chatted with Lew on the phone until too late at night and went to bed. It turned out to be quite pleasant.

I signed up for a rowing class today. It sounds like fun. Sucky, non-communicative friends be damned. I'm gonna spend my summer on the water with or without y'all. I start in a week and a half, and I excited. If I like it, I can join the rec club. Maybe I'll finally have a hobby. Wheeeeeee!

Must jet. Heading to w/v to check my mail, and then I have 24 hours of road tripping to do.

06 June 2003

What a week

I thought it would never stop. I'm not talking about wishing my life away, but it just seemed to drag. I only started working this week, and I already don't remember not working. I long for another vacation. I think it's because I'm lazy.

I'm feeling slightly irritated tonight. I have nothing to do, and that's pretty much been my natural state of late. It seems like, if I'm not chasing people to do things, I don't do anything. And I'm tired of chasing people, so I'm not doing anything. Why can't I maintain reciprocal friendships? once I get the feeling that I'm doing all the calling, I stop, and suddenly, the phone is silent.

I don't want to complain about this; I'm just frustrated. I want to have a fun summer, and I don't see that happening yet.

Right now I'm mostly looking forward to Jenn's wedding at the end of August. The invitation came in the mail today. I'm really excited. I just need to figure out what I'm wearing, what I'm going to say (I'm speaking), and where to get a date....

03 June 2003


Why are people such backwards idiots!? Is there no one on the planet who can accept that they aren't always right, and that there are other possibilites than what they know (or think they know)?

My lament starts because my father is losing a highly talented employee beacuse said employee thinks he's a genius and everyone else is a dipshit. He worked there a couple of years ago and left because he thought the grass was greener elsewhere. He did some freelance work for a while, but it wasn't as lucrative as he'd hoped, so he started negotiations to start working for my dad again. He was finally taken back, and now he's up and done it again. He bashes his supervisors, berates everyone, skips off work to golf without telling anyone he's leaving, and when people sit down with him to discuss the problems, he points fingers. He's so good at what he does, but he creates incredibly antagonistic environments. So today he was told that h he would not be kept on after his probation ended, and he immediately started pointing blame at everyone else. He refuses to own up to his behaviour because he thinks everyone else is a moron. My dad is upset and frustrated; co-workers are demoralized. It's all because of someone who thinks they know better.

Why are people like this? I encounter this everywhere. And -- apologies for the generalization -- men handle it worse then any other section of society. When a man is wrong, he goes into hiding. They're socialized like this! It's their belief that they are the strong ones. Well, how can they be strong if they're wrong? "If I ignore it, it'll go away." More like, if I beat it down.... I'm so sick of people, ALL people, not taking responsibility. It's one big blame game. Fess up, apologize, MOVE ON.

I don't have enough appendages to count the number of times I've had to either ignore a blunder, or chase someone for an apology. No wonder society is so sick. How can we be content about anything when we're constantly on guard for the next blame sniper. You're not even safe from your children. "I'm like this because my parents...." Boo hoo hoo. Suck it up. You may have a reason, but it shouldn't be an EXCUSE.


01 June 2003

Making Changes

I will probably take some flak for this, but two of my fellow bloggers have been removed from my blog. It's nothing personal, or retaliatory; it's just that what they post could just as easily be said in a Shout Out as on the main page. It's an executive decision. Hopefully they will not take this personally, and will continue to read and comment. Love to K&K.