07 May 2003

Spring Cleaning

I've spent the last week clearing out my room. It's quite the feat. I accumulate so much junk and I don't know why. I just like to keep stuff. Last time I did this was 5 years ago when my carpet was torn up because a) my dog like to exact his revenge on the family by peeing in my room; and b) my allergies were starting to require something that didn't hold dust like a dusty incarnation of Magneto. I cleaned a whole bunch of $h!t out and packed into those lovely Rubbermaid bins. Now I'm sorting through bins, closets, drawers, under the bed behind the dresser -- you name it, it's been pulled out. I had a 5 day laundry saga where by I washed almost everything, packed away most of my winter stuff, unpacked my summer clothes, packed for my trip to LA (!) and junked a bunch of stuff that either doesn't fit or I haven't worn in a year. I wasn't as merciless as I'd wanted, and I ended up keeping more than enough for "sentimental" reasons. But I did make some space.

Sorting through ones life is hard. Deciding what to throw out or give away is torture. Should I have thrown out my old sticker album? Should I give away that Care Bears story? It's heart-wrenching.

But when it comes down to it, I'm tired of the clutter. Watch out: you could be next.

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