02 April 2003

A Rant of 7 Points

What the...?

My brain is flying with thoughts! Too much to write to get it all out. But let me write down some choice thoughts.

1. I hate war. It doesn't make any sense to me. Apparently American troops have crossed the imaginary line that they suspect will trigger a chemical/biological weapon attack by Saddam's supporters.

2. Where is Saddam? Is it true? Could he actually be dead? So what are his supporters trying to accomplish now.

3. George Bush is an idiot.

4. Children should be hauled out of school for a year in Grade 9 if they can't prove they have a reasonable level of maturity. What's reasonable? I don't know for sure, but my Grade 9s haven't reached it yet.

5. I really still am a kid at heart. I have more fun talking to the Grade 10s about their lives than I do sitting in the teachers lounge. Actually, I don't find the teachers at my school very welcoming. I'd like to think that if I were at a school and a student teacher came in, I'd offer them any help they need, and talk to them when they were around. Small town mentality, I guess. Leary of strangers.

6. Should I not take the tourism job if I'm offered it? Where did that one come from? I've just considered being lazy instead. Retail wouldn't pay the bills, but I'd certainly get lot of time to myself. And there's always the lawsuit to fall back on....

7. One Grade 9 was given an in-school suspension today, for a "bad attitude". I wouldn't necessarily have called him on what he did. I would have ignored him and let him mumble into obscurity, but he caught Dawn on a bad day, and down to the office he went. It's amazing what warrants a suspension these days. I can't tell if it fosters more "I don't care" attitudes, or keeps potential bad-doers in line. An interesting point for a study. However, the girls who lit a fire in a garbage can yestserday, definitely deserved theirs. They're lucky they weren't expelled. But I can't say it's bizarre. Lighting fires is FUN!!


And this is just the beginning!! So many thoughts, so little organization in my brain to get them out in a succinct and legible manner. More ramblings another time.

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