01 April 2003

Humiliation galore

I had my first evalauation today, and the Grade 9s were horrible. No surprises there. But my supervisor was horrible about it all. He said that if he wrote his report based on the first period, things would not look good for my academic career. Thanks. I took the kids to the library to do research. They didn't. No one had a topic for their editorial, so no one had anything to research, so everyone chatted and fooled around instead. The second class went a lot better. They listened for the most part. They took the notes I put on the board. I think they could tell my patience was wearing thin.

But my real problem isn't with cracking down on the kids who are misbehaving, it's that, when I do crack down, Dawn undermines me by cracking a joke. Or I'm finally getting a kid to settle, but she's encouraging their behaviour by chatting with them. It's really frustrating!!

I have another evaluation on the 10th. It'll be better because I'll have the Grade 7s as well, but I'm still going to have to struggle against Dawn for the next 4 weeks. 16 days to go. Just keep breathing.... :

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