29 April 2003

From Kelly

Poor little blog has been abandoned. It is a lovely day in the neighbourhood. I think a trip to the park is in order. Caper wants to go swimming. Looking forward to dinner tonight. Hanging out will be coo man coo. Chris, did you eat your shrimp ring yet? Lata.

25 April 2003


For all intents and purposes, I AM DONE!! SUMMER HAS BEGUN!! LET THE PARTYING BEGIN!!!!!

23 April 2003

From Katie


A little late in the day, what can I say I just got in! Hope you had a fabulous time and we will celebrate more on Tuesday night!!

20 April 2003

Happy Easter!!

Happy am I. Estelle came to visit for the better part of the weekend. Makes me feel good that she's here having fun with me. I don't like to think of people sitting alone on major holidays. Not that she would have been alone, but Meal Hall couldn't compare to mom's turkey. ;)

My plan had been to write a whole lot more, but now I have to partake of Easter Feast. More another time.

12 April 2003

Care to snog?

I'm tired of intellectual connections rooted in deep, meaningful conversations that ultimately mean nothing!! Is it actually true that all men are emotional fuckwits who are only capable of superficial connections and who run at the first sign of something more complicated? These musings brought to you by a frustrated young woman, who, while in no way thinks that romantic relationship is necessary for happiness, would not be unappreciative of a little companionship to break the pseudo-monotony of young-adulthood before it turns into regular adulthood. This is brought on by a couple of occurrences:

Firstly, friend of some 20 years has met "really nice" boy but is unsure of long-term prospects because he seems too stable. This is an obvious indication of underlying emotional fuckwittage, which he is initially trying to hide by appearing perfectly normal. I've seen it before. Although I can't decide if it's worse to pretend to be normal, or to proclaim emotional damage upfront, à la Tom. One lures you into a false sense of security before they crush you with the weight of their emotional incapacity, the other tricks you into thinking that you can save them from Fate Worse Than Death by fixing them.

Secondly, it's raining. Rain makes me horny. I think it's a throwback to some movie I may have watched as a young adolescent. I find rain incredibly sexy. Anyone know Freud? Care to analyze this?

Allow me to assure my readers; I'm not sinking into some kind of self-pitying singleton slump (can you tell I've been reading Bridget Jones' Diary?), am just philosophizing on the way relationships and men work in my (simultaneously vast and limited) experience. A landmark anniversary is coming up. I'm trying to decide if I should be using approach of this occassion to do some deep psychological profiling on my part. Reassess values, etc. I hate landmark anniversary.

Right. So. This week was much better, educationally. I had another evaluation on Thursday, and it went soooooo much better. Am teaching goddess of extraordinary proportions. Students behaved like angels, with the exception of one little fuck who was thereafter reduced to tears by his homeroom teacher who made him feel bad about acting so backwards while I was being judged on my future career. I'd like to give his homeroom teacher a big hug for valueable lesson: The universe does not revolve around him. Have fears that he will grow up to be an emotional fuckwit, unless more moving lectures teach him the errors of his ways.

8 teaching days to go, including half-day of parent-teacher interviews. Am scared by prospect of having to tell parents that their children are losers who would be better off at the day care, than as junior high students. I won't put it like that, of course. But I don't think I can be fake nice and tell certain people that their children are doing okay. I'm hoping that parents of the worst kids don't care about their child's progress and they'll stay home. Make my life easier.

I have 20 x 8 assignments to mark. I guess I'll get cracking.

11 April 2003

From Katie

Looking forward to it !! I could use one that's for sure! See you all there :) YEEEEEEEHAAAAA!!!

10 April 2003

From Kelly

It's the weekend...do YOU know where your friends are??? Teehee. Drunkin stuper at my house Sat.

08 April 2003

From Katie

Hey Chris, Not good news to spill, My Grammy passed away Monday morning. Things are tough but I am ok. I feel like I haven't seen or talked to anyone forever, except the two times Kelly called. Hope things are going well for you, I did get to read all your adventures in teaching! Hopefully I will get to see you guys all soon. Thanks for the song Kelly :)


What happened to Katie?

Blog Katie! Spill all!

06 April 2003

From Kelly

This post is for Katie. OHHH Katie I love your ways..everyday..yeaeee yea....Hang in there Katie. Times are tough, but it will get better.
We will have some well deserved fun soon. I can see the light of warm summery fun from here!

03 April 2003

Breaking the rules

So is it bad to let two young, male students in your car? I drove 2 home after play rehearsal today. Am I crazy? Apparently I've decided to disregard all the warning we get about not putting yourself in compromising positions with your students.

Maybe showing them controversial websites wasn't smart either. But they were funny!! And there was nothing else to do! The Drill Sargeant was out because her daughter is sick, and most of the class was away on a field trip.

Sigh. When will I ever learn?

02 April 2003

A Rant of 7 Points

What the...?

My brain is flying with thoughts! Too much to write to get it all out. But let me write down some choice thoughts.

1. I hate war. It doesn't make any sense to me. Apparently American troops have crossed the imaginary line that they suspect will trigger a chemical/biological weapon attack by Saddam's supporters.

2. Where is Saddam? Is it true? Could he actually be dead? So what are his supporters trying to accomplish now.

3. George Bush is an idiot.

4. Children should be hauled out of school for a year in Grade 9 if they can't prove they have a reasonable level of maturity. What's reasonable? I don't know for sure, but my Grade 9s haven't reached it yet.

5. I really still am a kid at heart. I have more fun talking to the Grade 10s about their lives than I do sitting in the teachers lounge. Actually, I don't find the teachers at my school very welcoming. I'd like to think that if I were at a school and a student teacher came in, I'd offer them any help they need, and talk to them when they were around. Small town mentality, I guess. Leary of strangers.

6. Should I not take the tourism job if I'm offered it? Where did that one come from? I've just considered being lazy instead. Retail wouldn't pay the bills, but I'd certainly get lot of time to myself. And there's always the lawsuit to fall back on....

7. One Grade 9 was given an in-school suspension today, for a "bad attitude". I wouldn't necessarily have called him on what he did. I would have ignored him and let him mumble into obscurity, but he caught Dawn on a bad day, and down to the office he went. It's amazing what warrants a suspension these days. I can't tell if it fosters more "I don't care" attitudes, or keeps potential bad-doers in line. An interesting point for a study. However, the girls who lit a fire in a garbage can yestserday, definitely deserved theirs. They're lucky they weren't expelled. But I can't say it's bizarre. Lighting fires is FUN!!


And this is just the beginning!! So many thoughts, so little organization in my brain to get them out in a succinct and legible manner. More ramblings another time.

01 April 2003

From Kelly

Hang in there Chris. You are going to have to crack the whip on a regular basis so the kids will take you seriously more.
Argh...beat them with meter sticks! I am still fighting with my computer!!!!

I'm so funny!

On the bright side, I did get my kids with a great April Fool's joke.

I had my kids take out pencils and paper for a "pop quiz". I kept prolonging giving the questions (I was going to read the questions) by asking "Did you write your name at the top?" "Does everyone have a pen?" "Can everyone hear me?" And then I said, "Question 1... What day is today?"

One of the girls in the class said, "April Fool's Day!" while everyone else was writing "April 1st" on their paper.

I said, "Gotcha!"

Humiliation galore

I had my first evalauation today, and the Grade 9s were horrible. No surprises there. But my supervisor was horrible about it all. He said that if he wrote his report based on the first period, things would not look good for my academic career. Thanks. I took the kids to the library to do research. They didn't. No one had a topic for their editorial, so no one had anything to research, so everyone chatted and fooled around instead. The second class went a lot better. They listened for the most part. They took the notes I put on the board. I think they could tell my patience was wearing thin.

But my real problem isn't with cracking down on the kids who are misbehaving, it's that, when I do crack down, Dawn undermines me by cracking a joke. Or I'm finally getting a kid to settle, but she's encouraging their behaviour by chatting with them. It's really frustrating!!

I have another evaluation on the 10th. It'll be better because I'll have the Grade 7s as well, but I'm still going to have to struggle against Dawn for the next 4 weeks. 16 days to go. Just keep breathing.... :