06 March 2003

What a day, what a day!

Week started off pretty interesting, got bad, then worse. Today the car, the beautiful, wonderful machine that I love so dearly... well, it got sick. And by sick, I mean it hit a snowbank and killed the bumper. I was driving along, minding my own business, when I hit a patch of ice, the car slid, picked up speed, and BANG! I collided with the snowbank. It basically peeled the bumper off the car. It's at a collision centre now. The eyeball estimate is $1500. But that's assuming they only have to replace the bumper. If there's any structural damage, I could be a very sad girl, financially. But I'm okay. The hardest part was driving the car into the city from MB. The wheel well kept scraping against the tire. I think I lost a couple of layers of tread. :(

But I'm home safely, for a weekend of my puppy, and craziness with my friends. Or maybe I'll curl up into a ball and pray that this doesn't cost too much. Pray for me.

My thoughts are with the Estelle. I miss her and hope she's okay. And to Steve for talking me out of my crazy tree so I was in a driving state of mind.

Note to the readers: Bumpers are extraneous anyway... as long as you don't plan to hit anything.

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