09 March 2003

We did it!!

24 hours, disaster-free!! I bought a cake to celebrate. I was going to make one, but I was afraid I might burn down the house. I went to Sobeys to pick up some eggs and milk and other staple foods, and when I walked through the bakery, all these lovely, creamy-icing-y cakes started beckoning. "Coooommmmmme! Eeeeeeaaaaaat! Yuuuuummmmmmmyyyyyy!" So I got one. I had them write on it too. There was one that said "Celebrate the day" so I had them write that on the cake I chose. It seemed fitting. Since this is the day I felt like celebrating. Kelly, Rick, and Katie came over and we watched a movie and ate celebration cake. It was a nice day.

I'm still waiting for that mircale to save me from my car expenses, though. I'm not holding my breath.

I did my taxes today. Even more disappointing than last year. My 2001 taxes afforded me a refund of a whopping $2.58. It probably cost the government more to process the cheque. I would have been fine without the money. They should have used to build affordable housing or something. This year I'll get all of zero. I barely made $1000 last year.. How unreal is that? And I worked so little per week that none of my pay went to CPP or EI. They didn't even take any off for Income Tax contributions. I'll doubt I'll have some kind of miracle adjustment. I thought my tuition would make some kind of difference but, apparently, the less you make, the less you need to deduct your tuition. That seems backwards to me. Maybe if I offer my tuition credits to my dad, I can strike some kind of deal for compensation. Now's the time to make pity deals.

Hockey Night in Canada is telling me that Doug Gilmore is thinking of retiring. Maybe I was wrong about today. The disaster has revealed itself. All that wasted cake!

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