18 March 2003

There's a lock on my door

So much to write.

So, Thursday, I went to the Ed. semi-formal and drank entirely too much. I had a good time. I think. I don't remember having a *bad* time. I remember not liking a couple of things, but nothing that ruined the evening. Firstly, I wasn't impressed with Phil's girlfriend. I expected her to be a lot more outgoing and friendly, I guess mainly because he is, and I thought his gf would be similar, since they've been together for 5 years. No such luck. Whatever. It's not like she has a major impact on socializing since she's in school 3 hours away. Secondly, I really shouldn't have let Charles stay at my apt. I'd offered him way back in January, that if he ever wanted to stay in town for social activities, he could crash on my futon. I started feeling uncomfortable about it after class on Thursday, when we went up to my apt and sat around watching tv. I resented the restriction on my liberties. I couldn't run out when I wanted, I couldn't wander around nude.... I was just generally uncomfortable. And after the dance, Charles was CRANKY! He kept saying, "Maybe I'll just drive home tonight", and I kept praying that he would. But when we got back to my place (he had to come in and get his stuff anyway), he just said, "Nah, I might as well stay." ARGH! I locked myself in my bedroom and talked to Foo for a while, and then went to bed. He left in the morning just as I was getting up, which was great, because I didn't want to deal with him at all. Lesson learned. He can crash somewhere else in the future.

Kelly seems to think I'm ignoring or avoiding her. Not my intention. I've been pretty busy. Between schoolwork, and figuring out my practicum, and my broken car, and being social, and stressing over going away again, and the "impending" war, and fixing people, and the list goes on and on and on... I couldn't find the time. Yet, it's interesting; nothing really happened in the last week or so. No interesting stories. I wasn't feeling like myself. I had a migraine one night, and that screws up my brain for days.

Friday was fun. My French class went to U Ste Anne for a trip to the CPRP, and to an Acadian restaurant for lunch. I spoke a whole lotta French, and ate a traditional Acadian dish "Rapure de la poule" -- it was interesting.... It kinda felt a like a jellyfish, and was waaaaaay too salty. I didn't despise it, but I don't think I'll eat it again. Or even look at it, if I can avoid it. Steph and I had an interesting time. We were both a little hung over from the semi the night before, and it made for an interesting commute. It's a 2 hour drive to SA, and the sun was shining brightly, and we were running on 5 hours sleep, and no shower. It was painful, but a whole lot of fun. Then I went to NM with Steph and Kevin. We needed grease for our hangovers, and we needed to socialize. Steph also took me to the grocery store, which is great because I was in desperate need for food at the apt. We ended up watching movies at Kevin's. "10 Things I Hate About you" and "Dirty Work". Great movies. I actually dozed off during DW, which is something I never do. It felt nice though. I was exhausted.

I got my car back yesterday. Final tab: 2256.66 CAD. My bank account is very sad. But the car looks great! They polished in and vaccumed and dusted the interior. It almost has a bit of the "new car smell" back. :) I missed driving. I'm so spoiled. I don't know how to live without my vehicle. I assume I'd learn pretty quickly if it were a long term thing, but I suspect I'd just waste all my money on cabs. But I did take the bus into the city yesterday to pick up my car. It's more expensive one way than the round-trip 10 bucks it costs me to drive, but at least I don't have to be alert. However, in the future I'd prefer that my driver NOT be counting tickets and doing paperwork while he's supposed to be driving.

I think everyone is going to abandon me tonight. This was supposed to be *my* night. My pre-practicum, pre-birthday (since everyone will be away for it) bash! But everyone is either hung over from St. Patrick's Day, or they've been procrastinating and now they have to get all their work done tonight. I'm feeling a little resentful about this. I'm trying to be objective, I'm trying to evaluate my motives for wanting to go out tonight and gauge why it's so important. I mostly really want to hang out with certain people before I leave, but I suspect that there's an ulterior motive that I can't put to bed. Maybe I should just let it go.

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