30 March 2003

No turning back

She's had a week like no other. Not in terms of Drama. It's been a relatively calm week. But I had to return to LHS for practicum, and that sets off a whole chain of events and emotions.

I skipped Day One. I went to a job interview instead. There's not much point in me finishing my practicum if I can't afford to finish my degree! Interview went well. One of the ladies I spoke with worked at Tall Ships with me, so we already have an excellent rapport, which I hope will make up for my glaringly obvious deficiency in regional tourism awareness. How many times can one answer: "Well, my experience with teaching has taught me how to work with many different kinds of people" and hope that it fits questions like "How would you convince someone that they would enjoy a particular tourism site?" I don't think charm can carry me through, because I apparently lost it somewhere between reception and the board room where the interview took place.

Tuesday=Day 2. Didn't sleep Monday night. Typical, of course, since I *had* to be up. And this wasn't like Foundations, where I could just e-mail an excuse to the prof. I had no choice. That always makes it harder for me to drag my sorry ass out of bed. It was all a bit of a blur. I gave spelling tests to the 7s and 9s. I don't care what these new-agey educational philosophers say, I think it's important to know how to spell a word from memory. And it's a good idea to know definitions of words when you plan on using them in sentences. But I'm more about Ms. Nugent's method: Give them fun words, big words, and the words that you always wanted to be able to use. I don't see "Pituitary Gland" as a word necessary to the entire population. And really, do you think it's a good idea to give grade 9s a word like "gonads". They kept asking me to repeat it, and I suspect it had more to do with them wanting to hear their 20-something student teacher say it, than a lack of auditory skills on their part. The Grade 10s were ecstatic to see me back. I really do love that crowd. They love me because I didn't make them do any work when I taught them drama. They'll love me even more as an incompetent French teacher.

Wednesday, another blur. Dawn insisted that I have all of Thursday and Friday planned because she was going to be out on an inservice. Then when I planned everything for this coming week she said "You shouldn't plan that far ahead. You never know when there'll be interruptions. You can still expect a couple of snow days, and you don't want the lesson plan book to be messy." No.... Of course not. : ARGH!!! Joined the "Junior Drama" club as a consultant. They're doing "Hollywood Hotel." I haven't read the last half yet, but it seems amusing enough so far. I'm just there for support and suggestiong. The supervisor of the club seemed to think I wanted to take over when I suggested helping out. I'm not trying to upstage her, though. I just want to be involved. I'm in no mood to sit on my ass like I did last semester. I don't want to get home at 3 every day so I can tear my hair out from loneliness. No, sir. This semester will be different.

Thursday=relief. I really enjoy it much more when Dawn isn't there. I feel like I have more control. She never says anything, but I feel judged by here. And it's a paradox, because she needs to observe so she can evaluate me, but I do my best teaching when she's not there; when it's just me and the kids. I helped the grade 7s in math. Makes me feel like a genius. I AM THE FRACTION QUEEN!!! Why couldn't high school math be like that? And really, when was the last time I used a quadratic equation in everyday life? I used fractions today when I baked cornmeal muffins, but so far calculus has not been used functionally in my post-secondary career. I drove to WV for the evening to see Estelle and Poochie in the passion play at the chapel. My friends=good. Play=a little dry. But I was kept in stiches the entire time by the people I knew, as I watched them parade around in short "tunics". I have to apologize to Steph and Kevin -- I know it wasn't your cup of "tea", but I appreciate you accompanying me all the same. Got home post-midnight, after driving a shitty back-highway in torrential rains. Fun, fun.

Friday. Easy day. Didn't have the Grade 9s. I suspect I'm going to like Day 4s. :) I had the Grade 7s and we had fun. I tell them what to do, they do it. They're angels. I came up with a project for Grade 10s. A board game. I like projects that combine learned knowledge with creativity. I'm really excited to assign it. Although it will burst their "Ms. E doesn't make us do work" bubble. But it's not the same as last term. I disagreed with their teacher's Drama methods. If the kids hate something in Drama, it's not working and should be dropped. This doesn't apply to all subjects, because some concepts are important, no matter how tedious they are. However, I believe that Drama should be fun, and there's no reason to make it seem dull, repetetive and ludicrous. I hate Mrs. Sanford for doing that to them. :@ In the afternoon I sat with the Grade 7 Band class and we chatted about social mannerisms, the war, and Kurt Cobain. Well, I told them who Kurt Cobain was. It's situations like that when I most fear becoming lame. I used him as an example of a celebrity who HAD to die young in order to stay relevant. Well, my point was disproved by the 13 year-olds who never heard of him. Sigh. After school, a quick run in to the city to chill with Kelly before heading out to see the high school musical at The Heart. They did High Society, and it was GREAT!! I was so proud of Mairéad. She makes an excellent socialite matriarch. And a voice like a goddess. Afterward, we met Rick and Katie for coffee. But I was exhausted by 11, and just wanted to go home.

After yesterday's quarantine, I wish I'd stayed out longer. But I had my lazy day, even if there was still stress.

Entries might get more sporadic now that I'm relegated to dial-up during the week. Maybe the other bloggers on this forum could help out by contributing a bit. For example, does anyone want to talk about recent interview experiences, or comment on the need to understand diverse cultures? War ramblings, perhaps? Any desire to throw stones at stupid boys? The world is waiting. Tell all!

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