10 March 2003

Mmm.... Cookies!

Man, what a useless day I had yesterday. I did accomplish some things, which felt good. I did laundry and got some homework done, but in terms of my contribution to society...? Well, I didn't even leave the house and the only human contact I had wasn't until 9 p.m. Maybe I did the world more good by staying in. It would appear that when I venture out, bad things happen, but this is only based on 2 days of relative seclusion, so the results are hardly reliable as of yet. However, the X-Files marathon was certainly invigorating, if not a little unnerving. We watched a couple of freaky episodes ("Space", in particular) that kept me up for a little while, trying to get that face out of my mind whenever I closed my eyes. I'm still enjoying the drinking game, even if it is getting a little hard to keep track of. One of these days, Lew and I might actually manage some alcohol. But probably not in the near future. We'll see what happens next week....

I'm thinking of visiting the Heart today. I think that some times with young children would help immensely. And even though I do have tons to do, I think I'd rather be frivolous and have some kid fun. I can't decide now if it's anxiety or PMS. I'm tempted to go with the latter, since that's something I can't really control myself. I just have to wait it out and stay patient. Although, that's hard to do when verbal onslaughts burst out of thin air at you. Ten minutes of breathing and an understanding of human nature can do wonders for maintaining rational thought. I feel like avoiding future rages, but I know that's probably counterproductive in some way or another. I'll just immerse myself in Jane Stuart's world until the storm passes. Now *that* girl had a sad life. I can't imagine living with someone who never met your emotional needs, and actually went out of their way to crush your spirit -- ON PURPOSE. Hmmm. Now I'm thinking of foregoing the Heart and reading more about Jane.... But maybe society will offer up something good today.

Okay. Decision made. The Heart it is. Maybe it'll restore some of mine. And if not, at least I can pig out on cookies all afternoon.... :D

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