07 March 2003

Looking for the Silver Lining

Okay, now I don't want to sound like a whiner, but really, this has been a shitty week. Shall I run it down?

First, a staple of the university community passed away. No direction connection to myself, but I am linked through Estelle.

Second, a missing housemate of the Estelle was found dead after being missing for a few days.

Third, the stress and strain of university life all comes crashing down in the one week, coupled with wanting to support those who need it (that's not a bad thing, just difficult).

Fourth, a professor is cancelling assignments and ending the class early. He's sick and needs surgery. This is upsetting. I'm sure there are people cheering that they don't have to write 6-8 page papers, but I'd rather have a healthy prof.

Fifth, car accident. Estimate cites more than $2200 in damage -- and that's just the initial look-see. Once they start replacing things, they might find more....

Sixth, I got an e-mail this morning from my friend in Toronto. Her mother-in-law-to-be died early this morning of cancer. Less than a year after diagnosis. While she was trying to help Jenn and Justin plan the wedding. No details on what will happen. I wish I could go to the funeral. Why are planes so expensive?

So, yes. That's it so far. I'm hoping that Sunday will bring an upswing. I'm pretty tired of all this.

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