05 March 2003

I'm not sure I like this

I had another time-out experience this morning. Very frustrating. Note to self: Copy blog to clipboard before posting to avoid this problem in the future.

Well, I've just been accused of being a "follower" for creating a blog in tandem with EVERYone else. :) To Robyn, I say, it's true. I'm testing out the atmosphere on the bandwagon. I don't know if I'll stay on board, but I'm going to enjoy the ride for a little while.

So, this morning I went to talk to someone about my life's direction. Always an interesting conversation. I was made the following suggestions: Take a career interest test. Read "this". Come back next week. I like when a total stranger makes demands on my time. Makes me feel important. What's even better, though, is that I wasn't made to feel... subnormal for being uncertain about what I'm doing and where I'm going. However, she says we need to "explore the issues behind my restlessness." Oh, goodie.

My comp is just about driving me up the wall. It sounds like the fan is coming loose and it makes this horrible buzzing sound at random. Like a far-off chainsaw massacre. If it doesn't stop, I'm going to throw it through a wall! Obviously I could bring it down to user support, but it behaves most of the time. It's just at times like this, when I'm trying to concentrate.

So, how's this for creepy: I was on Kazaa the other day, downloading and sharing files, just like any other day, and I click to clear my list of uploads. And then I stop, and take a look at what people were downloading. Someone downloaded my resume!! I'll admit my stupidity in not realizing that I was sharing the folder in which it was saved, but it's still odd that someone would download it, isn't it? Now they know where I live, and my work history. I'm wondering if I should be alerting past employers that there's a stranger out there who knows where I live and where I've worked. Man. The internet has never made me paranoid before. I shop online. I ignore security warnings. I've never had a problem. Now I'm freaked out. :( And I didn't think to send the bastard a message asking why he downloaded it. I doubt he would have responded if it were for malicious purposes. But who knows? Maybe he just needs to type a resume and wants to model his on mine (notice how I assume the lazy git is a male). Or copy my work history. Luckily I type my references up separately (i.e., don't keep a file saved) everytime I hand my resume out.

On Kelly's suggestion, I'm going to look into "sharing" my blog. I'm not sure how you pronounce that word. It's a novel concept for me. But we'll see what surfaces.

Stay tuned....