05 March 2003


Hmmm. Frustration.

I spent much time writing a blog, but it's gone. It disappeared into cyberspace. My very first blog timed out. It wasn't long, I was just doing many things while I wrote. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS THING TIMES OUT!!!

Venting complete.

Thanks to Kelly for calling me spastic. It was hard to come up with a website name. I appreciate the help. To the Steve, thanks for calling me pretty. You have me wrapped around your little finger....

Vienna Sausages will be the downfall of me. Note to the viewers: They are not a good meal replacement. My mind says, "Open the can of fruit", but my body says, "The easy-to-open pull-tab is so much faster." I do this way to often. Such unhealthy behaviour. It's right up there with running your ex (Tom) over with a car, and having a narcoleptic pilot your plane over a minefield....

To close, a word to the wise: 4 minutes in a Cesna is not enough time time to get you far away from a nuclear blast, not is a rock a suitable shield from said blast.